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Music Fans, we almost missed it

I can’t believe we almost missed our annual celebration of the birthday of Tony Kylie of “The Blow Monkeys”


Tell me the history on this. I have not een here a year?

I’ll be honest. Never heard of him before. :thinking:

So, my party balloons are deflated. :balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon:

Oops :smile:

None of us have, but I like the song. Not a huge hit but a mid chart stiff from the 80’s. Thanks for making me feel old.

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Hahahaha sowwy! :upside_down_face:

Young at heart?

Like a fine wine :wine_glass:, you get better with age, right?

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Nicely done. You crazy kids with your rock and roll…hey get off my lawn!

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This should make you feel young again. :stuck_out_tongue:

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