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Music For my gig videos

I want to add a videos on my gig. I create and selected some photos for slideshow now I want to add a music on it. Is there any copyright free music that allow on fiverr?

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The rules are the same as anywhere, you need to use music that either:

  • gives a general free to use license sometimes with conditions like links or credits to the source so be sure to check, or
  • has a specific license agreement for your video

The first type you find in free libraries and is often really poor quality, it may be blammin or whatever but it is poor work and therefore makes your gig seem generic or thoughtless. Not a great plan.

The second type will be in a paid library and will range from as bad as the free stuff to pretty decent. Usually, the cost will match.

The final place you can find licensed music is directly from a Composer/Musician. Someone like me will compose something directly to your video to create the exact mood needed to sell your thing. This will cost more but then your results should be better and customers will feel that the music not only fits the imagery nicely but that it is uniquely you.

Note: not all composers can do all things, we all have a style or range so be sure to check Portfolios first. And please NEVER ask one Composer to clone another. That is like asking your wife to go home with your buddy, just creepy and bound to end badly. If you must have Hans Zimmer humming the AC/DC track from Iron Man, go hire him; he’s not too bad for a couple of hundred thousand per minute :stuck_out_tongue:


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Google this and select music that you like.
You have a Youtube music library. You have a ton of sites for copyright-free music that can be used for personal and commercial purposes.

But if you want to be serious about your profile and freelancing, getting something custom just for you would be the best option.

I just do not know how to protect it from being used by other sellers. Maybe upload music on YT and register it.

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If the music is in your Video then it is copyright protected. Music is protected the moment it is created, but particularly the moment it is published. Putting things on YouTube makes a very easy to track date stamp.

Some thieves will always find a way but they are easy enough to overcome simply because thieves are lazy and therefore stupid, so even if they use a unique custom track, they will probably have it sound like :poop: They lose.


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Thank you so much guys for your helpful information :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: