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Music for Narrations?


Hey everybody! I am brand new to Fiverr. I am going to be searching through the services to find folks who like to provide royalty free music for narration, but if you see this before I get to you, and want to do any partnered services, drop me a line! Thanks, Lauren


Are you offering royalty free music? Or looking for it?

I’m not clear from your message what you are looking for…


Hi, you can check out my gigs
Thank you
Avri music


Hey Lisa! I offer voice over and narration. I am looking to partner with folks who add music. :slight_smile:
Since I am new to Fiverr, I thought it might be worth posting a topic in addition to searching the database.

Hope that helps


Thanks @avrimusic! I will do that!


Cool! Welcome to the VO world here on Fiverr!

There are lots of people who can do that. I’ll send you a referral via a PM.



Thank you @lisabaarns!! I appreciate it. :slight_smile: