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Music producer/composer for Media

Hi everyone! My name is Pepe Monzón and i am a multi-instrumental artist from Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain) based and professionally trained in Barcelona (Spain).
Self-learnerr musician, professional music producer, sound designer & hugely passionate about film scoring music. An extremely creative & sensitive kind of person, always looking for the best fitting music scoring for each scene. I have collaborated with ESCAC University Barcelona as music composer and reached the semifinals of some Film Music Contests (FMC, Marvin Hamlisch Music Awards, SkioMusic,…). I also collaborate with a Rave Culture artist composing an Epic intro for his EDM track.
I’m a big fan of artists such as Hans Zimmer, Roque Baños, John Murphy, 2Wei and many other cinematic-classical composers.

Here is my active Fiverr Gig:

Thank you so much for stopping by.

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Hey, welcome! Would love to hear that Rave Culture intro!

Feel free to visit our music & audio section if any music specific questions or topics come up

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Hi @fvrrmusic,
Thank you so much for the reply and for your words! Actually you can hear it, you can find it on my finished projects from my Fiverr Gig!
Thank you so much again!

Pepe Monzón

P.S.: I´m finishing my submission for the contest you are running. I will upload it the next days!