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Music stuff you find incredibly useful

I figue this would be interesting: Just useful free sources we can all share with each other.

Here’s my contribution:

It’s an open-source, AI-powered generator that can turn any sound (and I mean ANY) into a flute, saxophone, jazz trumpet, or violin.

Does anyone else have some cool tools they use?


Ok, it appears we have no takers. Here’s another trick though: A lot of tutorials to tell you to make a subbass out of a sine wave. If you want it to come through the track more, use a triangle wave.

Do you know why that Tri instead of Sin wave works?

No point saying it if you can’t help people understand the science behind it or they just go make a bigger mess than they already had. There are better methods. Less immediate, but faster and more effective.


It’s the overtones a triangle wave creates. A sine wave is only one tone, where a triangle is multiple.

Ideally, I try and make as much as possible myself, it just doesn’t seem right when you rip an 808 out of a sample pack. I normally use a Tri and then layer a deep kick on top of it if I want more punch at the beginning.

I know what a Tri compared to a Sin is :wink:

I was wondering if you can explain why that works better in the mix, or how to get the results you are after without even using sines or triangles, let alone a Marshall Stack at 11? I know the answer to that too BTW I just like it when people offer “tricks” that thy can explain them lest people end up more confused as they think they need to do things they can’t understand.

To answer the OP Q, “my brain” and “lots of knowledge and understanding”.


I did explain it. The triangle wave has more harmonic frequencies above it. I’ll attach a picture.
Here’s a sine wave’s frequency chart:

Now here’s a triangle:

If you apply a lowpass up to the bass tones, and raise the sub, you get such a pretty sound. It sounds best with sliding notes in my opinion.

If you want a bass with more grit, keep the lowpass off. I’m a bit of a bass junkie to be honest, I tend to target the bass first if anything.
Note that I tend to keep the low-mid though, just for a pinch of grit.

Aah Mr McDuck, you are assuming and not reading what was really written. You have totally chosen not to take on-board that I know a huge amount about this subject - 30 years and still going as this is my life (not a computer game I dabble in for a laff).

You have no idea what I am talking about, but rather then seek to learn what that might be, you have the overwhelming need to tell me I know less than you so you feel better about yourself. Common enough, esp in the young and if I recall correctly you are very young, but this is not a thing I accept in my kids either as it leads them to a smaller world.


OMG, Thank you for sharing this. I think in future no one needs to learn music theories to make music :smiley:. Just hum to the mic, and you’re good to go

I feel we’ve had a miscommunication here. I never thought that you were inexperienced, and considering we’re both sellers here we both ought to know at least a smidgeon about the subject at hand. I thought you were asking me to explain why just as a test of my knowledge.

To quote from The Simpsons: A little from Column A, a little from Column B.