🎵 Song/Music You are listening to RIGHT meow! 😍


I’ll start :heart_exclamation: (This thread was part 1 of the RIGHT MEOW series. Search or go here for Part 2.)

Every post gets a free :heart: on this thread!

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:musical_note: Song/Music You are listening to RIGHT Meow! :heart_eyes::three:
Which song you're listening right now?

So you wanna get thousand of :heart: to fry them and eat with salt .:broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:





Don’t hate :stuck_out_tongue:


“Happies2” by idostuff74.
I can’t show you because it’s a gig’s tune and, you know, rules. :sunglasses:

Last thing that was on, however







Plebs. Try the real deal.


I’ve listened to this album at least once a month for the past three years. :fire:

Right now:




ikr? Although I had forgotten about it. Today however I was listening to Aphex Twin’s “radio” on Spotify and something by Burial was among the tracks. That set the soundtrack for the next plenty of minutes.


Well, that may shock some people here (I’m 100% sure!), but… I’m so into K-Pop :smiley:


what is love by haddaway



Listning an Urdu song , from a Pakistani band JUNOON