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Musician / multi instrumentalist will create amazing music for you

Hello, I am a professional musician from Lima, Perú. I have a bachellor degree in music production. I graduated on december 2017. During the five years at college I have also taken courses about harmony, counterpoint, musical analysis, psychology of music, etc.

My main intruments are the bass guitar and electric and acoustic guitars. I also play chords on keyboards and program MIDI sequences. My DAW of choice is Ableton Live, but I can also use Pro Tools and Logic as well.

Please check the following links to hear some of my recent work.

Chico Unicornio - Yo sólo soy su papá (recorded all instruments myself except voice, acoustic guitar and bass)

Cactus Milenario - ¿Donde estás? (recorded all instruments myself)

Qapac - Llaves del Reino (recorded all instruments myself)

Music composition sampler -

If you are interested send me a message