♬MUSICIAN♬ What types of gigs do you like?


Hey Hey! I’m a professional musician and music educator, and I’m always searching for new ideas and topics to tackle both in the real world as well as here on Fiverr.

Curious: if you could have any gig created just for you as a musician/performance artist/etc, what would it be?

Appreciate all the brain storming and ideas. Many thanks, and Happy Music Making!



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Probably a song for a special occasion eg birthday or Christmas. Or maybe a favorite song.


I design sound fx and music loops for mobile apps and games.




ok then, feel free to browse through my gigs and let me know if you can produce music to match any of them!



To give you an idea here’s a gig I purchased from a musician 3 months ago:


It was amazing. For the price of a greeting card, I had a custom-made 10 second song for my niece. I just wrote the lyrics and he created it in my chosen style. She absolutely loved it! That gig has been paused for a long time now…


I’m always looking for custom music for videos I make. Like stings for intros etc.

I haven’t found a single fiverr seller that does that.


Reply to @frank_d: I think I can help you with that!


Composing (and arranging) is one of the very few things I refuse to do here on Fiverr. I have a lot of issues with that, because I feel like it’s worth WAY more than any fee on Fiverr, and then of course comes complications with copyright and licensing issues. I haven’t checked out a lot of the gigs, but usually you get what you pay for…and if you get more than you paid for, you should feel bad that such a talented person isn’t making a better wage. My two cents (or five bucks) on that. :slight_smile: