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Musicians: need/want radio airplay?

Are you a musician, singer-songwriter, band, etc looking for radio airplay? Gig and full details here:

This is one of my most popular gigs, but for some reason it’s not showing up in a radio search despite the high ratings. I thought I’d post it here to see if I can reach some of the amazing arts out there who might not otherwise see my gig opportunity!

Right now, I’m working on the programming for mid to end of the summer. The show is a very popular online streaming radio program, and I feature a new music showcase - The Lunchtime Concert Series - every Friday at NOON, PST here in LA. In addition to the radio airplay, you also get promoted on my 60,000+ online social media network as well as an archived link of the show through itunes that you can use in your press kit for future. I also offer some helpful extras as well.

We feature ALL genres of music. The only requirements are these:

  1. You MUST own the copyright or licensing rights for the song to be played on air.
  2. The material should be fairly PG-13. Because it’s a lunchtime concert series, people are listening at work or at home with kids during the day. We want to make sure we don’t play anything with potentially offensive content or language.

    Please note that I cannot “listen in advance” to any music. You are GUARANTEED airplay with your gig purchase, and you will be programmed on an episode with similar artists and music.

    Any questions? Just drop me a line. Check out my feedback, because it showcases lots of happy customers and musicians.