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Must I sell at only 5?


I’m new on fiverr…
I’d like to check if the starting listing that I have will be priced only at 5usd?
Can it be higher?

I would advise that you list your gigs at $5 (or at least have a basic package option for $5). That’s what I did, but then I used my 10 custom offers everyday, so actually my first sale was for $10.

You can price for more, but usually, new sellers need to start for less to attract business. It depends on what you are selling. There is a lot of competition on Fiverr. :wink:

Thank you so much.
Yes, the competition is great, I know…

When I first started I had $5 as my lowest package. After I got to level one I got a big :exploding_head: and raised my prices. Business went away in a :heart: beat. So I put it back to $5 and business came back. I do packages and now buyers purchase my more expensive packages.