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Must reply How to change number

How i can change my number on which i verified the fiverr account …Because i lost that no and when i click on Withdraw money they send a 4 diget code on number I am unable to acess that code :frowning: please help me how to change that no :slight_smile:

Go to Settings - Security - Phone Verification - Edit

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Could you please change your post title to suit the problem please - thank you! :sunny:


go to setting > security
then there you will find the option for editing your number

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He has already changed it successfully.

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There is no option to change no there only email can be edited

Rankinfinite i just changed the topic name not number :joy::joy:lolxx

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Contact the Customer Support then. This is something serious and also share here what happened.

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Ok i will share with u people’s :slight_smile:

From the Help section:

"What happens if I lose my phone or need to change my number?

You may change your number from your profile settings at any time."

Basically, go to your account, then Settings, then Security, and next to Phone Verification should be a green Edit button. If there isn’t such an option, contact Customer Support.

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Thanks catwriter this may help me