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Must reply to buyer feedback first

Hello other Fiverr sellers!

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that you cannot view what your buyer has rated you until YOU first rate them? This is very inpractical. For instance, if your buyer has left a very specific message, negative or positive, you cannot respond to it accordingly.

A great example would be if they left a very specific negative review, and that they didn’t receive a specific file. And you respond “Thank you for your order”. It just makes you (as the seller) ignorant and not addressing your buyers directly. Whereas, if you could see the message that they failed to receive (or even find, in some instances) a file, you could communicate that you would resend it to them via your feedback and arrange the file to be resent.

It just seems very counter productive and removes the personal response many buyers love to receive. It also allows sellers to express how much they value their customers, and especially repeat customers with a personal message.

I would like to see this feature reverted back to what it once was. See the buyer feedback first, respond accordingly.

This hot topic is being widely discussed here: Blind Reviews & The Day I Started Censoring Myself

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