[Must see] Request to all dear buyers & sellers also


Is fiverr only for old sellers? I’m seeing here, new sellers are so unlucky (me too). Here new sellers can’t get enough chance to grow up. For old sellers: please let us grow up once. :frowning:


okay :frowning:


The first thing you should do is delete the gig you have created.
It is copied word for word (including the video) from the Top Rater Seller @Amitbt who I have messaged already to let him know.
Doing things like this will (hopefully) get you banned from Fiverr.
Alternatively, create your own gig. That way you will not look so stupid and deceitful when people watch your video and hear it claim that you are “Fiverr’s fifth ever super seller” and yet you don’t even have any reviews. It is obvious you copied it.


[must see] why this seller will fail–reason number 1 will shock you!


funny how it’s not okay anymore, huh? Thief.


They just always try to crack the code the wrong way :wink:


The code is safe from this kind of person.


And we keep it hidden in the dark dungeons of Fiverr.

We probably should create a gig where we offer tissues to whiny, pathetic scammers.

No pun to the OP intended.

Well, actually, it was.


Hey sarwar!

Just reminding everyone of your greatest hits.


Hi, there are many new sellers who are doing extremely well. I have seen them after only being here for two or three months with many positive reviews.


A great reminder…( I can’t believe it was you sarwar!


You have to run hard to win the race. No one will slow down for you.


You started from far sarwar


Sorry Sarwar,

You can’t just grow up like that, everything takes time and please be real don’t copy other sellers Gig…I started Using Fiverr not long and I have only one Buyer whom I am very satisfied with…just make sure you do what you know best.


You NAC point brother