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Must sellers always suffer for buyers' excesses and errors?

I know that before the new evaluation system can into being, a lot of things have been going on, like sellers easily cancelling jobs they find unfavorable. I have never been in this category because i came here for real business. It has always been the very last resort for me and happened only a few times in years. This time it is just crazy!

Recently i had an issue with a buyer who just placed an order and along the line, needed more from me, which obviously i didn’t offer. When i explained things to him he admitted he “thought” it was part of what i offered. Inorder to resolve this and not have a fatal cancellation (we all know how that can be to your ratings) i made a very simple suggestion to deliver according to the order, i don’t even mind taking less, so he can hire someone else here to deliver the rest… he “quickly” chose to cancel the order. I rejected the cancellation, appealing to him to consider my offer for a resolution. i had to do this because another buyer just cancelled an order because of something similar to this and my completion rate was already in a bad shape.

After all said and done, the next thing i saw was that CS had cancelled the order and gave me a huge warning! I was really pained and demoralized by this… How can CS just cancel an order like that without hearing from me. For goodness sake i put my time and creativity and delivered what this buyer ordered. As the buyer didn’t understand how much it hurts a seller’s ratings, i thought CS would. There is a reason it is called “resolution center”, but unfortunately this has been happening…

This really needs to be looked into. Its hurting sellers a lot, especially in the midst of the new evaluation and rating system going on. I barely scaled through with 90% completion rate, just to keep my level two badge and my business intact. This is really an unfair system of judgment, and my heart beats real fast because of this new system…

Na like this we go dey dey???


Sadly, this seems to be an increasingly common occurrence.


Did you appeal that decision? Sometimes contacting CS and explaining the situation helps. It’s worth a shot, at least. I’m sorry you’re dealing with that, and I hope things pick up for you.

actually sent fiverr a message after I rejected the cancelation prompt from the buyer with my reason. I immediately reached CS with the situation so that they can weigh in on the situation, being that I did my part of the project. That is why I was shocked to my teeth when I saw the cancelation with a huge warning… I just gave up. There was nothing else to speak for, seemed that was an “automated” action system against sellers whenever a buyer makes a report… Its really pathetic

As sellers, this has become a give or take situation now. There should be a policy to protect the sellers as well.

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Fiverr broke it’s own terms of service by canceling this order.

Eek, I’m curious what was the warning about?

Reading these stories is very disheartening. :confused:


i was just told there was an issue with my account - a violation of fiverr’s TOS, of not delivering what buyer needed and on time too, one more warning could cause a loss of account…

I just wanted to say this, and it does not pertain to this situation the OP has exactly, which is, we only know what is posted and do not always hear details.

Sincerely I wish there will be a fair "hearing " of all the stories and both sides… Its becoming more obvious there is some sort of imbalance in the system… All the same I am hoping things get better though, I do regard fiverr a lot despite the recent bad experiences…

One part of this stands out. If it was just Support canceling an order, I get it, but if they gave you a warning there was more to it. What did the warning say?

i quote "To provide a pleasant buyer experience, we ask that you deliver the specific work requested and within the agreed upon time frame. Failing to do so hurts our community and the shopping experience. For more information, please review our Terms of Service.

This is your first reminder. Another violation of Fiverr’s TOS will result in a demotion of your current level."…

thats the warning i got. Being that i delivered “specific work and withing agreed time”. I felt if this was properly looked into, i wouldn’t have received this random message… i just took it in good faith and let it go…

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