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Must you be active for 30 days to earn level one status

Kindly,tell me if it is a must to stay for 30days before you earn level one status or anytime you completed 10 orders?


yes even if you complete 100 order you have to be active for 30 days :slight_smile: Good luck

thanks @onlinedzshop i was going to ask the same question.

This is insightful

Don’t forget to look at the Levels page if you would like a list of the criteria for this. :slight_smile:

That is the most important criteria for your level to get to 1

Yeah Ofcourse.

We actually went through this for Level 2. We had way over the 50 required sales before the 2 month mark and it wasn’t until about a week into the third month that we received notice of making Level 2. Then we were completely surprised to make TRS in about 10 months! Keep up the great work!