Mutual Agreement/Buy Button


By now, Fiverr should be aware that this is a problem. Yet, nothing is done. I seen enough complaints on the forum about people buying the gig without reading the gig description. 99.9% of my cancellations is due to people buying my gig and asking for something not in the gig and/or they try to get away with paying $5 for $50 of work.

It happens a lot – I don’t want to hear about putting it in your gig description…I don’t care if you bold it , put it in large print and high light it, PEOPLE DON’T READ.

Just like there is a mutual cancellation button there should be a mutual agreement/buy button. That would eliminate any excuses for someone buying a gig without knowing the terms or conditions of the gig.

For example someone sees my gig and wants to buy it. They can’t buy it until they contact me (if they click the buy button, a message pops up telling them to contact the seller).

They contact me, we discuss their needs and price and when done discussing, the buyer sets the price they agreed upon, clicks the Mutual Agreement button and the buyer in turns has to click the Mutual Agreement button to begin the gig.

I’m sure tired of people ordering my gig without reading the gig description and expecting me to do work that has nothing to do with the gig or they want me to do work way above and beyond $5.

Fiverr seems to make the effort to protect buyers, in my humble opinion, I wish they would do the same to protect sellers.

steveeyes said: (if they click the buy button, a message pops up telling them to contact the seller).

How does that even work?


I agree this should be an actual “suggestion”, but I don’t think anything will come of it.

I’m not saying this is the case with all gigs or even any gig in particular - and I absolutely agree that people DO NOT READ (and on the internet language can contribute greatly to misunderstanding) - but so many sellers make their gigs too complicated! They either try to break it down into a million ways to charge extras, or into tiny bits so it’s actually worth their time to earn $4, or they do a repeat of the same gig in different ‘ways’ to show up multiple times in the search, e.g., I will post on your forum, I will post on your blog, I will post on your Facebook, I will post on your website, etc., it can get very confusing to buyers. And quite simply, this place was designed to provide cheap and QUICK products and services. In their efforts to earn higher commissions by encouraging higher-value gig extras, Fiverr itself is causing too much confusion and difficulty.

If I’m buying, I don’t want to spend 45 minutes (or longer if I contact the seller for info) trying to figure out what exactly a gig offers and how much it’s actually going to cost to get what was implied in the gig title.

And while I’m exaggerating (but only a little) pretty soon it will be “I’ll post once on your forum for $5”. I’ll use real words for $5 more. I’ll put those words in an order that makes sense for $10 more. I’ll complete the gig within a month for $20 more."

I understand what Fiverr is trying to do, and what the sellers are trying to do, (MAKE MORE MONEY!), but instead of unsuccessfully trying to turn a micro-job site into a full-on service agency, it just muddies the waters. What should be done is launching a sister site that provides more extensive services for higher rates. Something like a plain old freelance site like Elance or oDesk, but capitalizing on the Fiverr brand. That way sellers can list a menu of services and can go back to being a place where folks can spend ten minutes and $5 buying a blog post and everyone can get on with their day!

K, I’m done rambling now. :slight_smile:



Javascript can do it. I ran enough sites where I have seen these type of functions. You click a button and it it does not meet certain requirements, a message pops up. I’m no javascript expert but no doubt it can be done.



Oh, misunderstanding. From your post I was under the impression it was something you already had in use on your gig, and I was curious “how does that even work” because I didn’t see the option. Now I understand it’s wishful thinking. Thanks.


I agree 100%. A mutual buy button would be great!