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Mutual agreement option to freeze the deadline timer or/and Option to put order on hold

I do not know about other categories but for graphics and design this could be useful. Sometimes I find myself working on tasks that take more than the deadline set, and the buyer knows and agrees to that, yet the order goes on late and will stay like that until you finish the task.

Another case would be, After the order is placed and you reply with further information, sometimes the buyer needs more time than your gig’s deadline to get a hold of all the material / info needed. Yet your order will be on late before you even get the brief to do the task.

Another negative outcome on this issue is the fact that at the point the order is late, even if you didn’t get the brief for the task yet, buyers will have total control of the order. One can cancel with negative feedback and hurt you as he sees fit, in some cases I’m sure even threaten.

I’m just posting this here hoping one day something similar will be implemented to this platform.

If you guys had similar issues please post your story here so everyone can relate if the case.

Thank you.


I dont think freezing is a good idea maybe the buyer could have the option to add more time if needed to add more stuff or the seller could ask for said amount more time and the buyer could approve of the time extra.

Well I personally think something should be done. Today someone placed a pretty large order and this is what they submitted instead of instructions I actually need to get started:

I placed the order and would like to proceed. But I need a couple days to get organized. I will get in touch soon with the info. Thank you

The delivery time is 4 days. He is wanting at least half of that time to "get organized". How is that fair to sellers?

That is exactly my point only I am not that mad at it :slight_smile: It is good to have it as a headsup maybe one day it will be fixed somehow.