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Mutual CANCELATIONS: Buyers report there is no button to accept them


For the past month buyers all say they see no button to accept a mutual cancellation.

I have to ask CS to cancel the order or it does not get canceled.

I don’t have the ability to see the actual page the buyer sees but four in a row now have all said there
is no button to accept a mutual cancellation.
They just see a page that says ORDER AGAIN.


I believe that’s due to the new update. If you want to cancel a delivered order you will have to go through CS.


i think the real issue here is why so much cancellation?


@misscrystal I only had 1 cancellation recently and I did notice that the buyer never responded. But the order was cancelled. hm…

@anthonyfive you mean on fiverr in general or are you talking about @misscrystal in particular?


No that’s not the “real issue” if you are referring to me.


I see you withdrew your reply. Did you ever ask CS to why that is?


It’s not on delivered orders. I never cancel delivered ones, sorry, I should have been clear on that.

It’s on an order this time by a very annoying person who has sent long messages for months while ignoring my custom orders I’ve sent. I finally said my time is valuable to me and I can’t go on forever reading and answering what is essentially a thick book by now of messages.

So now comes a $5 order from this annoying person.
Only now they can’t find the button to accept the cancellation which has lead to dozens more
back and forth messages.


Are you sure that this person is telling the truth? Have they sent you screenshots?


I don’t know.
Except it happens every time for the past two months with almost everyone.
They can’t find the button.


That’s weird. Have any of them sent screenshots? And have you contacted Customer Support about it?

I had one mutual cancellation about a month ago, it was on a delivered order, and the buyer accepted it without problems.


@misscrystal i know for a fact people can’t see the button when on mobile. could that be the case with your buyer?

I am now facing the exact same issue, only my buyer is, errmm a bit persistent. so maybe that’s why he’s not accepting my cancellation.


that could be it.

This buyer said she only saw a button to order it again.
I can tell this buyer is sincere about trying to find the button.