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Mutual Cancellation AFFECTS Seller Rating

The fact that mutual cancellations affect just sellers is absolutely disgraceful.

  1. There are straight up basshole buyers on here but guess what, it’s your fault as a seller when after working a buyer says “Oh, I didn’t know this is what the gig about, I want a cancellation”

  2. Shouldn’t there be some sort of vetting where Fiverr CS validates the reason for a MC and decides not to penalize the seller? It’s like Fiverr is basically saying “You’re just one seller, you don’t matter” and "Because a customer ordered and canceled your gig (EVEN AFTER I CLEARLY STATED "DO NOT ORDER BEFORE MESSAGING ME), we would penalize you.

Absolutely unfair!

Something has to be done


I agree, so many buyers just place the order without reading gig description.

Fiverr need to change this ASAP.

This doesn’t affect buyers in any way and there is a chance that some sellers will lose a level because of this.


Want to know what’s worse? A client who ordered an email content is and has been online for over an hour and would not provide a link to the product he wants me to write on even after several messages.

If this goes the same way as the last cancelled order, guess who loses again? Yup… Me (the seller).

The buyer goes home smiling, but here’s what happens to me

  1. I lose my ranking
  2. My orders completed goes from 100% to 95%
  3. I stand the risk of losing my seller level
  4. I lose time and effort if I have already done a huge part of the order before a buyer up and cancels.

Yup… Sellers ain’t worth nothing!


The thing is, though, Fiverr is set up to be a retail services marketplace. This is why they have packages, gig descriptions, order extras, even numerous green “buy now” buttons. The site is designed to encourage buyers to place an order straight from your gig page. Buyers do not have to send messages before placing orders. Gigs are designed to facilitate buyers choosing what services they want straight from your gig page, and placing an order for those services via the big green “buy now” buttongs. This is how Fiverr is designed to work.

Now, that’s not to say YOU, as a seller, can’t ask buyers to message you before placing an order. However, this does still, clearly, go against the designed retail format of all gigs. And you do that of your own choosing. You can’t force buyers who understand the retail format of Fiverr to send messages to discuss custom order agreements. You should be providing everything that a buyer needs right there on your gig page.

It is not Fiverr’s fault if a buyer doesn’t message you first. And, as a result, Fiverr should not be blamed for buyers wanting to interact with gigs exactly as they were designed.

If a buyer chooses to contact you do discuss alternate terms for a project, that is their choice. But certainly not a requirement – according to how gigs are designed.


What you are saying has nothing really to do with my complaint.

The reason we ask buyers to message is because we are essentially saying: “If you do not understand what my gig says please message me”

You have buyers placing orders and then coming back to say “Oh, I ordered by mistake and I want to cancel”

Fiverr doesn’t do anything about this but penalize the seller.

Everything you’re saying talks about the Graphic user interface… that’s not the problem!

The problem is WHY DOES A SELLER have to suffer for a BUYERS errors?


I do agree with you on some points here, it can be unfair.

HOWEVER, you can act on this. The best way to resolve this is to avoid selling to these users, make sure that your gig is clear on what exactly your buyer will receive rather them finding out later and changing their mind.

Consider expanding on your FAQs, some buyers do read these.

Hope this helps!

I completely agree with this, but there will still have those buyers:

  1. “ordered by mistake”,
  2. buyers who dont read completely the gig description/faqs,
  3. buyers who think sellers should do everything they want for the price they want,
  4. buyers who want to cancel even after a perfect order is delivered (scammers),
  5. unresponsive buyers who dont deliver the complete information for the job get done within the delivery time,
  6. those buyers who have had a problem to upload a crucial file and dont realize it wasn’t uplodaded (and dont answer in time when asked to try uploading again),
  7. Buyers who order something which is not delivered by the gig.

who get penalized for this all? The sellers.


Exactly, plus there are buyers, in my experience, who READ the gig, KNOW what the requirements are, and choose to order anyways, then when things don’t go as they planned, try and cancel the gig, and or leave a totally unfair review (in the event I don’t cancel).

As an advertiser – I will not post certain types of ads, as they are against the TOS of the platform I post ads on, such as “Get rich fast” - usually PPC, MLM type garbage. Posting these types of ad, can get me in hot water.

I have had to cancel a number of orders (most of my cancelled orders) because buyers didn’t read the gig description, and or ignored the requirements that are VERY clear in my gig description. When I remind the buyer, they often beg me to post it anyways - which means they are aware of the requirements, but ordered anyways. Ultimately, I don’t post their ad… so, it’s cancelled.

I should in no way be responsible or penalized for that, in any way - it’s the buyer’s willful negligence…


Okay. And if a buyer doesn’t have any questions, they can just place an order from your gig, and you’ll happily complete what they ordered – no matter who they are, and what they ordered – correct? :wink:

According to what you wrote, the buyer has no need to communicate with you, unless they have questions. And you’re okay with that. No need to communicate before placing an order.

Good. Then I don’t see the problem. The buyer is using Fiverr the way Fiverr it is designed, and you’re ready to start working with anyone who places an order.

If someone does place an order “in error”, or is still confused, why can’t you work things out with the buyer, rather than complaining about having to cancel every order like this? Surely you can come to some sort of custom agreement with most buyers like this, and ensure that their “confused order” is still valid, appropriate, and can result in you delivering work they can use.

This doesn’t sound entirely like a buyer problem – you bear just as much responsibility for working things out with your buyers so that you don’t have to needlessly cancel orders.

Fiverr isn’t penalizing anyone. Like I said, you have the ability to work things out with buyers that may be confused with their orders. And yes, these kinds of things CAN be worked out with communication. I know, because I have successfully done so with these very same types of buyers.

YOU are responsible for communicating effectively, even when there is confusion. A good seller –
a good businessman – knows how to turn confusion and uncertainty into an advantage for both himself/herself, and his/her buyer. You seem to be completely overlooking this prime opportunity to communicate and solve these kinds of situations.

Not at all. Everything I have said, and encourage you to do as well, has to do with communication. This is not a “graphic user interface” problem. That sounds like an excuse to me. If there is a problem, don’t overlook your own participation in that problem – or your own ability to turn that problem into a solution.

Again, why are you blaming Fiverr? This isn’t Fiverr’s problem. If you look for the advantage, and seek a positive solution, then you aren’t suffering anything. Look inside to fix this (i.e., be creative, be forward-thinking, be communicative)… don’t point fingers at someone else.

There are ALWAYS positive solutions to every problem.


Clearly, you’re just replying without getting the point.

You offer branding services.

Imaging a buyer just hits the order button for one of your services and orders something that isn’t related to what you offer. Then a few minutes later you get a “Hi, sorry, I ordered by mistake”

Please oh all knowing Jonbaas, how do you resolve a situation where a buyer is entirely keen on cancelling.

Don’t just type replies to sound savvy. This situation is not peculiar to me.

So while you want to provide solutions, provide solutions that resolve a situation.

How do you communicate with a person who orders an email marketing content gig, fills the gig requirements with “As discussed”, then in turn messages you saying, he wants a responsive html for his email marketing WHEN YOU CLEARLY DO NOT OFFER THE SERVICE.

Please resolve this Jonbass, I’m sure everyone here would like to learn


Oh and @jonbaas … these people EXIST


I am “getting the point”. Perhaps you aren’t listening to me.

As I already explained, your “problems” have, indeed happened to me as well. But I work to resolve them with any buyers like that, and I usually manage to retain the order, and deliver work that the buyer can still use. Like I also said, I do this by communicating with the buyer, and working with them to resolve their confusion.

Oh, and don’t patronize me. That’s rude.

I’m not. I mean everything that I write. The question is, are you actually listening to the advice and wisdom I am sharing, are do you just want to be upset for the sake of being upset.

Like I also said: “There are ALWAYS positive solutions to every problem.”

That’s for you to figure out, based upon YOUR unique buyer, YOUR services, and YOUR communication skills (which I am, sadly, starting to doubt).

Yes. I know. I never said they didn’t. Remember what I wrote: “And yes, these kinds of things CAN be worked out with communication. I know, because I have successfully done so with these very same types of buyers.”

Please listen to the other person in your discussion. You’ll find wisdom, advice, and possible solutions to your problems in what I have said. Anger clouds the ability to think clearly. Perhaps it might be helpful to take a breath, step away, and then come back and re-read what I have written when you are in a more level state of mind.

I’m trying to help, here.

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I believe you could change CAN by MAY.

a good part of my cancellations are because unresponsive buyers. IT’s impossible to handle an issue which buyers who doesn’t respond at all. And yes, they exist, many buyers who buys and never get back, or get back months later. I face this almost every day at fiverr

Let me explain what you’re doing here buddy.

I’m asking you for solution to a flu, and you’re telling that the Heimlich maneuver helps … No it doesn’t.


Thank you.

It’s probably best if someone else explains this.

Because clearly, I can’t seem to get my point across.

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No, I believe “can” is the right word. I’ve resolved issues like this with buyers. I have… therefore others can as well. :slight_smile:

And you can avoid most “buyers who buys and never get back” issues by requiring buyers to answer order questions before the order starts. The order does not begin counting down until the buyer answers the order questions and provides you with the information you need to complete your order.

I believe we’ve even had this discussion here on the forums before. Do you require your buyers to provide details before the order begins counting down?

If a buyer places an order, and doesn’t answer those questions, the order will sit in limbo. Send reminders, be patient, and make every effort to communicate with the buyer until he/she does. Orders without questions answered do not hurt you. They just sit there in limbo. Better “in limbo” than counting down because you didn’t provide automated questions for them to answer. :wink:

I never said they didn’t.

Isn’t anyone in here actually listening to what I am saying?

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What? Now you’re not even making sense.

You just seem to want to be angry. Okay, I’ll stop trying to help you. :slight_smile:

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“Fiverr isn’t penalizing anyone.”

Really? Seller penalties are DESIGNED INTO the algorithm. It’s an intentional part of the system. Unfortunately, these penalties are not balanced between buyer and seller and Fiverr support seems powerless to offer equity when sellers are harmed by buyers (there is real harm associated with cancellations) who ignore gig requirements which are an essential element in the purchasing process.

Were we all offering indistinguishable widgets that were commoditized, your argument for the retail orientation of Fiverr might hold more water. Since there are countless operating variables even within a given Fiverr category, the buyer is obligated to make an informed decision (i.e., read the order/gig requirements prior to ordering). This fact is a necessary component for Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) requirements of a contract (which an order is).


Right. So work to avoid them. Good communication can be extremely helpful in this regard. :wink:

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I suppose it’s also worth noting, if a seller is experiencing a high number of buyers who are confused about the gig requirements in their gig/service, perhaps the gig itself isn’t as clear and understandable as it needs to be. A buyer knows when they are spending money. Most people don’t just throw around their hard-earned money without knowing what they are – or want to – spend it on.

I don’t buy this “I’m sorry I ordered by accident” excuse. People don’t intentionally buy things by accident. Perhaps a solution is for a seller to look at their gig description, packages, and extras, and work to better clarify their service. Remove (or, at the very least, minimize) the opportunity for there to be future “accidents”. :wink:

Please note, again… the solution comes right back to better communication.

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