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Mutual cancellation after order delivery


I got an order and I delivered in before 2 days of the deadline. My order completion time is 3 days. But I didn’t receive any message from the customer. So the order was auto-completed. After almost a week he rejected my design and gave me a negative feedback. So I sent a mutual cancellation request. I know that the negative feedback will be removed if he accepts my request.[fragglesrock]

But seems that he is not a regular user. So he won’t accept my request. What will happen if he don’t accept my request and the mutual cancellation auto complete? Will my negative feedback be removed?


I have the same matter :-((

I don’t think it is fair to have a system that allows buyers to adjust the feedback or give feedback after the delivery is marked complete. It is definitely not our mistake if buyers are so careless they dont check their fiverr account for weeks. There should be a way to handle this mess!

If it’s the one I’m seeing that’s just a thumbs down, I wouldn’t bother trying to cancel. I don’t think you can remove the negative after 7 days (or is it 14?) and I don’t think the negative is removed if CS do it because it’s not mutual with the buyer.

I’ve had one buyer just leave a thumbs down and no explanation and just left my own rebuttal. The thumbs down really doesn’t tell other buyers what the problem is and most won’t bother about it–they can already see from the other feedback that you’re reputable. I don’t think it’s affected my sales (and this was before my TRS badge).

But it is unfair that buyers can do this. Unfortunately, this can happen anywhere. The worst is getting feedback a month later for something that was out of your control.

can a buyer leave feedback with a mutual cancel?

No, after mutual cancellation, A buyer can not give you a feedback. Because the order is cancelled Mutually :slight_smile: