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Mutual cancellation after photos delivered, buyer keeps photos?


Hello All,

I am new to Fiverr, and I’ve tried to find this question answered in the forum, but didn’t see it. After I sent my “Hold a Sign” photos, the buyer sent a rude email, saying the job was unprofessional, etc, and asked for a revision. The revision was beyond the scope of a $4 profit, so I suggested he cancel the order. He sent another rude ALL CAPS! email and then cancelled the order. So I assume he now has free photos? Is this a scam?




Thanks kjblynx,

I already deleted the photos, not wanting a reminder of all the work I put into them for nothing. Hours of photo shooting, lettering, printing, and photo editing, thinking I would get $4. Ah, well.



You still have a copy of them in the delivered gig. Just use those to check that he hasn’t uploaded them illegally. :slight_smile:


Thanks, cheezees.