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Mutual cancellation brought down stats

First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong category. I’m quite upset right now. Someone ordered a gig without contacting me first, and it turns out he didn’t read the gig either because he submitted work for a job I don’t do.

I contacted CS but I didn’t want it to affect my on time delivery AND my order completion rate, so I did a bunch of reading and found out mutual cancellations don’t affect the rating. Yay, right? Nope. Buyer accepted. I look at my stats. I got a huge hit. My order completion is now in the red at 80%. I’m hoping CS will fix it but I’m not holding out much hope.

I’m a no level seller right now. Does anyone know if such a huge hit/being in the red will seriously affect something?

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Sadly, mutual cancellations do affect completion stats. I found this out the hard way too.

Only customer support can cancel an order without it affecting your stats - but there’s no guarantee that they will agree to do so.

No one knows for sure how the Fiverr metrics / algorithm works, but most people on the forum agree that having an order cancelled does temporarily affect where your gigs show in search results.

These things happen. Stick with it. I’ve been selling on Fiverr for seven years now. Having a cancelled order might feel like a setback, but it’s no biggie. Your account will soon recover.


That really sucks. I read quite a few forum posts that said otherwise. Oh well, I guess. Thanks for the information. So with the “next evaluation”, will the order completion go back up to 100%, or how does that work? I’ve never had anything other than 100% until now, so I don’t know what the evaluations do.

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They claim all cancellations will effect your stats. The only time I personally had an incident that didn’t was when it was due to a fraud charge-back and it fell under the Fiverr fraud protection plan (which I never heard of until I received an email about it).

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That’s unfortunate. Sellers shouldn’t be punished if buyers don’t read the gig, mistakenly order, if it was mutual, etc. If anything, it would be nice if buyers also got smacked with a punishment for cancelling (assuming seller did nothing wrong), but alas.

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A given cancelation should only affect your account for 60 days.

Source citation (so that you know it’s good info):


I have also been told by Fiverr senior managers that it is not possible (even if they wanted to) for Fiverr staff to cancel a job and not have the stats affected. They say this is because the cancellation rate is purely automated and so they cannot remove a cancellation from our history. And yes, the cancellation will time out after 60 days.

I also have a client who booked a large edit ($1300) without realising he needed to actually send me the file. He hasn’t written the book yet and won’t have it done for ages… so that also will be a cancellation caused by a client, grr. I will try and extend the job for as long as he needs, but I suspect we will end up cancelling.

Thanks for the info and link, imagination!