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Mutual Cancellation - Discontinued?



Few Days ago , A buyer accidentally ordered my Gig , When i tried sending him the mutual cancellation request .
I got a notification saying that it will effect my rating and account standing ?

I have cancelled a few orders before by mutual cancellation but never received this message.
Any ideas?



Erm… maybe this would help?
If not, Mutual cancellation is still fine, if you are forced to cancel by involving Customer Support, that will have a NEGATIVE impact.


That message shows whenever you try to cancel. If the buyer agrees it still counts as mutual cancellation. I think it says ‘may’ effect rating/account standing?


Some types of cancellations hurt your rating less than other types, but Fiverr policy does not clearly mention which ones will hurt more/less. The default message for all cancellations is “It MAY hurt your rankings”. Keep it to a minimum if it is avoidable, but sometimes it’s inevitable.

Let me go out on a limb and say that “buyer ordered this gig by mistake” shouldn’t hurt as much as “the seller is not able to deliver this gig”.

Orders cancelled by CS do not have a negative effect on your account. I just had an order cancelled by the CS at the behest of a buyer who encountered a bug which would not allow him to submit order requirement data. This is what the cancellation email said :


Thank you so much for the info .


It does indeed say “May”. As in if the buyer does not accept it in time and it automatically cancels, then it affects ratings. So always have to abort before it does so. A very weird rule.


Yes, i think this happened after the Update.


This probably hurts the least, because it signals to the system that the buyer is unresponsive and so the system cancels the gig for you. << If this weren’t the case then all competitors would start buying gigs from each other and refusing to send the order requirements so that the seller would be forced to initiate a mutual cancellation citing lack of information and it would hurt them, which is probably not the case right now. If someone buys a gig, and if the seller requests information or initiates cancellation and the buyer does not respond in 2 days, it implies that the buyer is unresponsive.