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Mutual Cancellation Does AFFECTS your Ranking #FACT


I am of the conviction that Fiverr mutual Cancellation does affect your gig ranking and refuse to belief that Fuverr is being fully transparent about it.

I joined Fiverr almost 2 years ago and right from my first month in here I have been honest and worked really hard and it has been paying pretty well. My gigs were not really top on the page but decently placed so I was making just above fair sales.

However, since the implementation of this mutual Cancellation reflecting as a cancellation last month, my ranking had slowly dropped proportionately with each mutual Cancellation I initiate. The most annoying thing is some of these cancellations are not even due to my fault but those of clients who accidentally order.

It is so bad that I’ve barely gotten​ any sale this month which is soooo unusual. Right now it stands at 80% and I am honestly worried, because it may have to take 60 days before this shyt passes…

Well… I guess we sellers are all in it together…:disappointed_relieved:

Is there a penalty for mutually cancelling an order as a seller?
Sending Cancelling Request
Orders just sitting there -- buyers didn't enter instructions
Orders Completed Percentages All Messed Up Now
How often do you cancel orders?
Is it just me or are 2, 3, & 4 star reviews becoming more common?

Hi Olivia,
Thanks for being the honest chick… :wink:

How many MCs have you taken in the last 30 days?


At least 8 in the past 60 days and about to get one from another lady in a few minutes :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Alright, Out of the 8, what is being shown as the majority for the reason of MC?


The way Fiverr has it in their help files as of today is:


All cancellations are taken into account when evaluating a seller. Fiverr is aware that some cancellations are inevitable, therefore, those types of cancellations will have a lower impact on your performance scores, which affect your ranking. "

This is another helpful new link:


What @fonthaunt mentioned above:


I would like to point out to the rest of the community who kept on repeating that MC doesn’t matter, being a cynic:



{Reply is void} Lol :grin:


It now does, check Maddie’s post above mine.


Buyer requested additional work… Is it better for buyers to send mutual cancellation?


All cancellations can technically affect you now. They’ve put new info out in the help files (linked above or blasted out in screaming bold by DJ.) :slight_smile:


I cannot say with certainty yet whether “Buyer sending the MC” has any effect on this evaluation, however, the REASON why an order is being cancelled is paramount here.

Fiverr has been frowning upon cancellations for a while to the point that there seems to have been an amendment added now to the policy, stated as “Evaluations”.

“Buyer requested additional work…” as a cancellation reason would be mean, it WAS possible to complete this order, but was chosen as not to. Thus the penalty in points would be greater.

Hope I made sense…



A very odd change to punish sellers due to buyer’s ignorance. Every week I get people who order by mistake or change their mind suddenly after placing the order and wants to cancel.

If that is seller’s fault, then at least make the buying process a bit harder so it’s not possible to accidentally order. A few pop-ups confirming that the buyer is sure should do the trick. :persevere:

But the question is, is it better to deny those mistake order cancellations and take a negative instead? Which one will affect rankings more? :smirk:


My experience is that if it is a mistake or the buyer is not responsive then there is less of a penalty.


Why should there be a penalty at all? Is that even right? This is going to create an avenue for scorned sellers or other competitors to pull down another’s gig.


I am not sure there IS a penalty if it was a mistake or the buyer is not responsive.




I think people need to calm down and realize that fiverr has said it knows there are times when it is not the seller’s fault and they have taken steps to not punish sellers for those.


Some one with malicious intent can still order, feign they were not satisfied with the work and cancel after all your effort. This mutual cancellation having an effect is totally unfair to sellers. It should be scrapped, since it barely has any use.


Ummmm… Wait till cunning buyers see it, you will end up doing multiple $5 gigs you didn’t bargain for…lol. I’m just kinda worried over it all. Sellers should be given some pedestal too. For instance in the last year, what positive change has Fiverr made to improve the welfare of sellers? :disappointed_relieved: