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Mutual cancellation gone wrong - I didn't know that late order automatically gets cancelled along with the automatic one star review

A buyer and me wanted a mutual order cancellation.Buyer started the cancellation and
because the order delivery was late (1 day delivery) I got 1 star automatically.I have proof that buyer didn’t want to do this to me and give me 1 star and when i started telling the other buyer (my friend) not to make the same mistake, that other buyer is my good friend here, I got my message flagged.I know where are my mistakes but I’m innocent… not trying to trick anybody or do anything wrong, just telling my buyer friend not to make the same mistake.
I did not want to do anything wrong… I saw many posts on the forum and didn’t want to make same mistakes… I was 100 percent clean before this… can someone tell me what is going to happen to my account. :confused:

When orders go late the order can get automatically cancelled along with the automatic one star review.

I think this was automatically flagged because you used the word “kill”. As the message is not saying anything wrong, customer support will check it and then allow the message to go through.
This has happened to me many times.

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Thank you guys, just it was going to be mutual cancel… now I made my delivery time longer so this wouldn’t happen anymore…

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I’ve always been an admirer of your custmer service style.


the word kill was flagged makes sense to me :slight_smile: