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Mutual Cancellation....I thought I understood

I have been a seller for two weeks. I have been reading up on as much information as I can about how Fiverr operates. It seems that I don’t understand how mutual cancellation works. My understanding was that it’s an option for a buyer and a seller, who disagree, to solve an issue in an amicable way. Am I wrong?

During the night, while I was asleep, I received a notice that a buyer wanted to cancel. This was after I had delivered the order. The notice stated if I didn’t respond, the order would be cancelled automatically in 1 day. At some point after that, the notice was updated to state the order has been cancelled by mutual agreement. I was not part of the agreement. I had no opportunity to respond.

So is cancelling by mutual agreement a process for the buyer and seller to resolve a problem or not? This was between Fiverr and the buyer. If I do work for someone and deliver, I would suggest the cancellation of orders should involve me. I never agreed to this cancellation. I was never given the opportunity to reply to the buyer. As far as I am concerned, I delivered, yet the buyer receives his order and skips having to pay. I wanted to message the buyer, but Fiverr says "The user account you are looking for is no longer available."

Can anyone please shed some light on this.

I believe the deadline for a request for mutual cancellation to time-out and be automatically approved is 72 hours. If you only saw 24 hours left, it’s possibly you missed a couple days from Fiverr and that’s why you saw it? Regardless, when a client sends a request for cancellation, you have three choices: accept, decline, or ignore. If you ignore, the request is approved after 72 hours from the time it was sent. If you decline, the cancellation request is terminated and the order stands. If you accept, then the cancellation is approved.

However, if you get a request for a mutual cancellation, you ought to do everything in your power to communicate with the buyer and find out why they want a refund. If you don’t ask that question, and decline the cancellation, the buyer will probably leave a very bad review for you. Find out why the customer is upset.

If you got the “The user account you are looking for is no longer available” message, it’s probably due to the fact the buyer initiated a PayPal chargeback, in which Fiverr cancels the order, refunds the buyer and bans the buyer’s account.

Unfortunately, this tends to be a common, recurring theme for Fiverr. Sellers are offered very little protection in instances such as these. Many times, the buyer gets what they “paid” for and the money back too… It downright sucks…

Thanks for the replies. James, I never missed any days. I delivered the gig 1 day early, that was yesterday at 3 pm. The cancellation was at midnight while I was asleep. I saw the notice at 5.30am. So it was mutually cancelled within 6 hours. So I was given no time to be part of the process.

emeraldawnn. What is the benefit to a buyer doing a PayPal chargeback as opposed to cancelling through the Fiverr system? I guess once a Paypal chargeback has been made Fiverr has no option but to cancel.

Yes, it is unfortunate. I am sure I will learn to deal with these situations better or protect myself better after gaining more Fiverr experience.

I never received a modification request. Everything happened in the space of 9 hours, and I delivered 36 hours early. So time was never an issue.

Sometimes buyers that are scammers try to get work done for free and tend to target new sellers.

There are always going to be some cancellations here and there. If you have a lot of them then you want to take a look at your workflow, but if it’s just one here and there every once in awhile don’t worry too much about it, it happens.

I requested a LOGO design and sent details to 2 people. These were on 2 separate occassions as the first gig was cancelled by the designer. The second gig was also cancelled with the designer saying “it’s too much work for $5”.

How do I get my money back to my bank account as I no longer want to use Fiver and have my credit sitting here? Fiver has been a very disappointing experience.

Two things happen to you.

  1. The buyer put in for a mutual cancellation. Normally you have 72 hours to respond.

  2. He also requested a paypal chargeback from paypal. The chargeback took precedence over the mutual cancellation so that is why you did not get the full 72 hours.

When a buyer uses paypal chargeback, Fiverr cancels their account. That is why you got the message “The user account you are looking for is no longer available”

Fiverr can’t control paypal chargebacks so their only option is to cancel the account. But to be honest, it isn’t really that effective. The buyer can start a new account and keep scamming people.

Reply to @stevewmac: Ohh, you know what this was? The buyer probably requested a modification, which is the same as refusing what was delivered. That starts the clock running again, and once the order is late the buyer can sometimes cancel without asking for a mutual cancellation.