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Mutual cancellation oddity


So I had a buyer who picked up 3 orders without asking. I looked at them and they were not things I could do for him. He admitted that he made a mistake in ordering. So we mutually cancelled.

That dropped me to 87% completion rate. So I went into action, contacted several previous buyers and drummed up some work. I completed other tasks I had to do. I have since turned in and completed ELEVEN orders with a twelfth pending.

My percentage is only 89%.

All because I essentially got trolled? I mean, I’ve almost quadrupled the number of orders that were cancelled. When I do the math of my last 60 days of orders, it should be 91%.

Is there something weird about Fiverr’s math? I’m not sure what’s going on but it’s kind of crazy.


Are all the orders complete? (not just delivered) - also those stats can sometimes take a day to reflect, so were some of the orders completed today?


If you are receiving orders daily, then you should do the math everyday. It keeps changing everyday. The previous orders are not countable as soon as they pass the 60 day time-frame.

Sometimes the system doesn’t refresh, in this case you should reach the CS or else you could wait. But I know that you are in panic maybe because of the Evaluation Day and in a fear of loosing the level?

Good Luck!!


You should reach to the CS and appeal that these orders are made by mistake, show some screenshots where the buyer is admitting the fault, and hence shouldn’t be counted in stats.

I have lost my levels because of this stupidity!!


Yes, they are completed–not just delivered.


I’ve written to them. Thanks!


Thanks for the info. I had wondered if it wasn’t updating. That made more sense to me. I’ve seen it move before but for it to not move at all? It would make sense if I had to wait some time to see that click over.

Either way, I wrote to CS to see what they have to say. I guess it ultimately doesn’t matter. I’ll get the level back and have plenty of clients that won’t notice the level. It’s just crappy that it’s happened this way.


Have you blocked that buyer? I guess he/she is messing with you just before the evaluation day, in my sense! But that’s a guess!! :slight_smile:

You should leave it to the CS!! (the quickest reply to my query was around 4 hours, if the issue is not big enough and the maximum time as you know is 48 hrs which is past evaluation day as of now!!) :wink:

But max. queries are answered within 24 hrs!!

Anyways, Good Luck!!



So I had 1 additional cancellation counting against me right now from October 16th. It was especially cheap. The person bought an order from me for some editing work. The document was in French. No where does it say anything about French in my profile and I don’t speak or read it. We had to cancel that one.

Oh well.


Nothing can be done about that! You should have raised your concern by then to the CS or atleast visited this Forum and I would have advised you!! :wink: :joy: :rofl: :yum:

Good Luck!!