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Mutual cancellation on a complete order after a month?!

Hello there!
So… this just happened. I’m so concerned, I read that some other sellers has faced this horrible issue too.
I completed this order like a month ago, buyer gave 5 stars all seem well, and suddenly today… I got a notification telling me that order has been mutually cancellated?? like how? First of all I never agreed to do that! So I check on my earnings and I see that the order cleared today but then it appears the same order as refunded to the buyer. THEN I try to check on the buyer profile to contact him and… SEEMS like it not longer exist!
What happened?? I’m kind of guessing but… I cannot believe how we are, as sellers, so unprotected…

It’s the same advice for you as you are in the same situation with a chargeback most likely


I had the same issue just some days before and CS handled the case.
It is likely a chargeback.
You can contact CS to explain the situation (with screenshots as proof that you completed your order) and they can have a solution.

Check out the following for more information:


Thank you! I’ll do that, glad to know there’s a solution

Thank you! :slight_smile: