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Mutual Cancellation Refused But Then Cancelled

I tried to cancel an order because I was not going to be able to finish the work on time, plus I was leaving town. The buyer refused the mutual cancellation so he could cancel it himself and leave negative feedback. Have any of you had experiences like this?


Customer support won’t do shit about it. You can offer a mutual cancellation RIGHT AT THE START, and customer declines, wait 5 days and then the customer cancels for late delivery, you still get the negative feedback.

I think about 80 of the late delivery negative feedbacks I have are from clients who placed an order, I told them within mere hours I could not complete it on time (due to the size, or due to a number of orders coming in at once), and I still could not get the late delivery negative feedback removed.

Did the buyer leave the negative feedback? Or is it automated Fiverr feedback?

Reply to @sincere18: Automatic.

Reply to @ryangillam: yes, I think the person above is not aware that Fiverr does that. If you have to cancel because you are late, I think that is one of the examples of when Fiverr leaves the automated feedback.