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Mutual Cancellation System? {NOT SO MUTUAL IS IT?}

So atlast it happened with me too. since i heard the update that mutual cancellation will any how effect the seller profile and gig. I was so worried that This will be trouble and tomorrow it happened. On of the stupid buyer orders a basic package and demands premium service. when when i asked for upgrading the order to premium he refused and started bragging to cancel the order by any means.




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How do you know that that single cancellation has affected you or ruined your profile? You’re only assuming it has affected you or ruined you, but you don’t know how Fiverr’s internal algorithms work, and you can’t know if it has harmed you or your profile or not.

Making a buyer “stupid” because they didn’t want to pay more even though they asked for more is not OK in my opinion. Agreed, that buyer may have been greedy/sneaky trying to get a bargain and they couldn’t because you didn’t accept without an upgrade, so they requested a cancellation - it’s probably not fair what that buyer did (but I don’t think that this gives you the right to call them names), so you can cancel as they already begged, and then present your reasons and explanations using the cancellation form, which I doubt will harm you or your profile.

And for your info, Fiverr has already started taking into account the reasons of mutual cancellations, that’s why when requesting a cancellation you are presented with various reasons to choose from, so that Fiverr can take that reason into account when assessing your cancellation ratio and overall gig & profile performance.

P.S. why are you writing in ALL-CAPS? did you know that it is very hard for people to read uppercase text? you wanted to emphasize that text, but you actually made it hard to look at, and it also has a subconscious feeling of someone yelling at us :wink:


Here, maybe THIS HELP PAGE will guide you more:

Fiverr **monitors all aspects of an order and why it was cancelled. We take this into consideration when evaluating cancellations**. As a seller, you should do your best to avoid cancellations and make sure the percentage of cancellations from your total orders is low. **Fiverr is aware that there are cases when cancellations are the only option.**
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I love your calmness bro. I wish you don’t get in order with a buyer i faced. and about the all caps this yes i put it in all caps because I was literally yelling in my mind. I know how to write :expressionless:

In Fact when the new analytics page update came previously on website they mentioned clearly that from now on mutual cancellations no matter what reason it is will effect negatively on seller gig so try to maintain cancellations is your own responsibility. in other words fiverr just said that you don’t have a right to say anything to buyer simple is that.

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Yes, I’m learning to keep my calm lately, and do you know why? Because I’ve had literally all possible bad buyers that a seller can get in over 7 years and after dealing with 12,000 buyers.

So I thank you for your wish, but I’ve already had a lot worse buyers than your buyer :wink:


I wish that mutual cancellations did not need to affect the seller profile, but I have to say that I can see why Fiverr felt the need to change it. When mutual cancellation was set to neutral in the beginning, it was to give sellers and buyers an easy out over mistakes.

Unfortunately a high percentage of sellers abused the mutual cancellation tool. A good buyer might order a gig with 7 day delivery only to be asked to cancel on the 6th day when a seller admitted they couldn’t do it. A good buyer might order and receive a poor delivery and be told that they would get a refund if they mutually cancelled. Buyers did so and too many sellers weren’t honestly reviewed even if they delivered poor work.

The current system does help protect sellers who have good reviews that were obtained through honest excellence. It helps protect buyers from buying from a seller with 15 five star reviews and not realizing that the seller canceled 20 other gigs to keep from getting a negative. Yes, it occasionally catches a good seller too and that’s a shame. It might be a necessity to improve the platform, though.


Did you check how many cancellation you have on Analytics section.
If you find zero then i think you shouldn’t be worry.
I found zero so i think it still doesn’t count.

I also faced the same scenario. Fiverr need to make some policies for buyer end.
We always mentioned that if you are new or not know how to design then Please contact first to seller.


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you could you know…don’t cancel?

There are sellers who decided last minute they did not want to do it. Or it was too much even though the seller prices something too low or too short delivery. or does not describe things properly on the gig description.

You should try to work out the gig.

Not saying all sellers are bad.

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I know about sellers who abused the mutual cancellation tool. I also know that in my case, I frequently deal with buyers who force me to abuse the cancellation tool, so even with plenty good reviews how does the current system protect me from having 20% cancellation rate due to the below:

• 130 cancellations because of “sorry, ordered by mistake, please cancel” (I even found out some of them being actual spies trying to copy my gig and find out how I work)

• 700 cancellations because the buyers demanded things that I never-ever advertised to offer, nor have they even cared to read my gig Title or description (who buys a product without even reading it’s title? it’s like buying because the picture was nice and wanting a refund afterwards)

• 200 cancellations because the buyer either never submitted instructions or submitted partial instructions and never responded back with the full info?

• without even talking about those rude, threatening or TOS-violating buyers who cannot be dealt with

Throughout the years I thought it was my gig’s problem, and I’ve changed my gig title and descriptions more than I can remember, with help from CS and other members, trying all sorts of combinations, but they always end up in the same situations as described above, which never stopped from happening.

I guess it depends on your niche, on what you do, and I’m starting to think that my only fault was probably choosing the wrong niche/clientelle, or I don’t know what else to think :frowning: (or maybe my face doesn’t help)

So yeah, unless I have a way to get rid of all the above or Fiverr starts ignoring those, I will never see a 0% or even 5% cancellation rate - it’s become one of my wildest, most forbidden fantasies.


Totally true and that’s why I wish they hadn’t needed to change it. What I do see is a strong effort by Fiverr to clean up a lot of “junk” gigs and allow reviews to get rid of others. My hope is that in time this will improve the platform and with more professional sellers and less problem sellers, we might see a shift back. Granted, I’m a bit of a dreamer too, so I don’t know how realistic my hope is, but I’m hanging on to it for now!


Now those are some beautiful dreams you point out, which actually remind me of Fiverr’s earlier days.

I remember how in the beginnings I never dealt with problem buyers or issues like those I mentioned earlier more than once or twice in several months (probably because Fiverr wasn’t this popular and didn’t attract this many people, or bad eyes like I’ve seen now on many other sites or forums that try to make a bad image of all sellers here and of the platform itself, which in turn attracts some bad buyers as well).

It was peaceful, full of hope and new doors to be opened, the Fiverr sheep-on-the-hill background image making me feel protected along with that sidebar image saying “Fiverr User Protection” :stuck_out_tongue: , and their once famous “Buy. Sell. Have Fun” motto, which did put an emphasis on both the buyer and the seller, as opposed to how it later became just browse. buy. done with more emphasis on buying than selling, thus giving the impression that sellers are not that important anymore (probably because there’s already too much selling hand…)


In that case simply cancel the order and request him/her to accept that… I think that would be better

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If the mutual cancellation was initiated by the client, does it still affect the seller’s rate?

As far as I recall from previous discussions with CS, all cancellations whether mutual or not affect us in some way or another. Mutual cancellations obviously affect us less than forced cancellations, and even if the buyer or seller initiated the cancellation it is still counted as a mutual cancellation and displayed as such on our analytics page.


After a long time I found your point of view a bit pursuasive. I hope Fiverr finds a way to detect sellers with poor services.
In my case I was mad because I provided a seller premium service in basic price just to prevent myself from cancelation and having a thought ok that buyer is one in hundreds so no problem i can bare that. but it ended up being cancelled anyway and with all that effort and time I am the one to suffer. :expressionless:

Yes you are right and I did the same as i thought Ok this type of buyer is not a regular thing so I’ll provide him premium services just to save myself from cancellation. but that buyer said no I want to cancel anyway. That’s why I said this is Unfair. :expressionless:

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Ha! Unbelievable - I also used to do the same thing years back, offering premium services for $5, until I realized I was the only loser. I think we all (or most) have done that at one point in time :slight_smile:

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I agree that the system is flawed and it can be abused by both parties. I have had buyers order by mistake and then cancel (which wasted my time and hurt my stats) but I’ve also initiated cancellations myself and thus wasted the buyer’s time and money (I actually thought they’d get a full refund – they don’t, they only get 90% of it).

I think the only way to rectify this situation is to make publicly available as much information as possible for both buyers and sellers. That includes order completion rate and reviews. The more you know about the person you will be working with before you actually start working with them, the lower are the chances that the abovementioned things will happen.


I don’t fully agree. After constantly having ~20% cancellation ratio almost entirely because of the troublesome buyers I deal with, imagine how that would affect sales if it was publicly displayed and all potential buyers immediately think I’m the trouble maker and cancel a lot, when in turn the trouble making buyers were at fault. It would discourage people from buying quality trusted services just because other people have forced the sellers into cancelling their orders and bumped up their cancellation ratio by doing so :frowning:

Not to mention the competition, who could engage in stealth actions to further increase the cancellation ratio of good sellers (yes, I’ve seen on other sites and forums how people try to find ways of destroying sellers of this platform and I even saw my username once mentioned in such a “criminal” forum, people thinking of abusive techniques, making multiple accounts via proxy sites or tor nodes and such, which was very disturbing to see and know that there are people like these out there)