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Mutual cancellation vs Bad reviews

I want to know what’s your approach when dealing with bad clients.

Let’s say you deliver your best job and the customer is not happy or just asks for more than he paid.

This happens to me regularly, and I always suggest a mutual cancellation because I prefer to get rid of that painful client immediately. Plus, I am afraid he leaves a bad review.

Due to this, I have a pretty high cancellation rate which isn’t good neither.

What do you do in these situations? Which has more negative impact on your profile?
A high cancellation rate or many bad reviews.

I believe bad reviews are worst since that is what clients actually see after all.

What would you choose? Let me hear your thoughts and vote. Thanks!

  • Mutual Cancellation
  • Bad Review

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No one?
I guess this isn’t a popular topic here on the forum.

When a buyer leaves a bad review you always have the opportunity to leave your side of the story.

I don’t cancel orders simply because I deserve to be paid for my work and time. Why would you do this to yourself?

A high cancellation rate and bad reviews can affect your level status and your rank in search so either way it’s bad. You might as well get paid for your work and time.


I came here to ask this same question. I have a client who says the quality of my work is “poor” and would like to cancel. But the client is not always right. And this one certainly isn’t.

I have a fairly low cancellation rate (5 cancellations vs. more than 300 completed orders). But I have ZERO negative ratings. So I’m trying to decide whether to maintain my perfect rating or get paid for my work.

Mind you, we’re talking about a $10 order here … but it’s the principle of it. I did the work he asked for. He then changed what he wanted. I did it a second time. And then he says the quality is poor.

Am I just being spiteful in considering NOT canceling it?

I have 30 or so hours to decide before Fiverr auto-cancels it.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
I’d love to know what other sellers think about this subject.

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Always try to convert a bad client into a good repeat client. If the client is not happy with your delivery, don’t be silent. Ask what, why… this way, you will solve the issue and he will emerge as a great repeat client.
Stand firm. Don’t fear.


After I completed the work , After I delivered, If any buyer came back after delivered the order. Like 15 days later and left a bad review , and asked for refund, What will happened ?

What We supposed to do ? What will be the solution …

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Omg! I had the same situation today after working for straight 6 hours on a campaign my buyer expect me to bring him sales on the 1st day of the campaign which my gigs nor I promised anywhere and when i said it was not in my gig he blamed me that i didn’t clear him that before hand?!

I was confused and I asked him to accept my order and give ratings accordingly (as I did complete everything and got it ready) but he said he needed sales and accused me of opening a dispute! I was so nervous so I said lets mutually cancel it now I’m afraid my listing will do down below :frowning:

I wish there was an easier solution to it!

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15 days?! OMG! you must open a dispute and let CS handle it as they helped me to refund for the same as i was correct on my point but i got half of the refund and they promised that my listing wont be affected :slight_smile: and it didnt :smiley:

What about bad review

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I knew early on that he was going to be a difficult client. I’m not even sure why. But something indicated he was going to be problematic. I have no desire to have him as a repeat client. At this point, it’s “let him get away with being a jerk … or make him pay $8 to be a jerk?” And then at what cost to me?

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Do you know, After canceling the order, review also not going anywhere

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from what i think… your client is a source of your earnings and if you enjoy what you do then there’s no problem in doing a little more for the client. by canceling the order you will lose 1 client but by doing a little more favor for your client you will be making 1 more client. again its what i think :slight_smile:
God bless you

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Thank you all for your responses.

I’m still not sure which is the best thing to do :thinking:

Trying to make happy an ass*ole client is painful… but so it is working for free just to avoid negative feedback.

Now I’m wondering which one has a more negative influence on your overall profile: High cancellation rate or some negative feedback.

Until now I avoided negative feedback as a plague. Maybe I should start just dealing with it and see what happens.

If it is significant amount for you then do not cancel. If it is immaterial, then cancel. :slight_smile:


I am with you. I either have great customers or customers who try to cancel or complain to get more out of the order. When you cancel it looks bad on your analytics. When you agree to their cancellation it looks bad on analytics. There is no nice mutual cancellation that doesn’t hurt you.


Thank you Infinity.
So what do you do in this cases?

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I prefer to cancel the order if its not very expensive one! reason is the cancellation ratio is always changing in every 2 months, so I know if i cancel one order , i can recover this after a fixed certain time! after 2 month it will be a totally new graph! even if you dont work for a long time and come after 2 months it will be 100% again!

in other hand, bad reviews harm more, and we all know how hard is recover from few bad reviews, and there is no certain time that you can wait to see your rating , it takes long time,! until if you have a decent amount of positive reviews already

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It blows my mind that (a) people just cave in every time someone is unhappy and (b) that people are happy to announce how to rip them off on a public forum!
If you do the work, you get paid - simples.
(a) When a client has an issue with my work, I check it and if I have made a mistake etc then I fix it and apologize, but if I haven’t then I respond and tell them politely but in no uncertain terms that the order is complete because of x, y, z.
In the vast majority of cases, the client is wrong - translation is where this comes up a lot - and my 3 negative reviews in 2 years come from 3 $5 orders (out of 300+) where non-native English speakers believed they spoke English better than me. Such i life, I still got paid and the reviews made no difference to me.

(b) Have you not seen the multitude of posts on the forum about people deliberately ripping them off or even the post where there was a Reddit page telling people how to rip off a particular seller? Why would you advertise that people can get your work for free?


I guess it’s because a lack of confidence issue.
When I started working here I read that offering a money back was a good way to attract clients and I sticked to it. Even if it made me feel miserable all the way.

There are so many logo designers doing the same with more positive reviews than me and at such low prices that is really hard to compete.

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