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Mutual Cancellation vs Cancellation by Customer Support

Hello everyone.

I was told by customer support a few months back that Mutual Cancellation has effect on my cancellation rate, so if an order needs to be cancelled, it is better to have Customer Support cancel the order for me, as it is not going to have any effect on my cancellation rating or hurt my profile in any way.

So if an order was placed in error by a buyer, I always asked Support to cancel any orders for me instead of mutual cancellation. And that was the only reason for ALL of my order cancellations: orders placed in error by a buyer. Now I’ve been demoted ONLY due to my order cancellation rate, or more specifically ONLY due to cancellation of orders placed in error BY THE BUYER.

Now I’m being told that by Customer Support that “Mutually cancelling orders… still affect(s) the cancellation rate, but does allow a lessor affect.”

My question is: What’s really safer for my profile and my cancellation rating? Mutual Cancellation vs Cancellation by Customer Support

Or are both really the same? Because I am also being told by Customer Support that “all cancellations affect the cancellation rate, even if we cancel them for you.”

I have a new order placed in error by a buyer which he/she has requested to be cancelled and I don’t know whether to accept Mutual Cancellation or to contact Customer Support to do it.

So i’m looking to clear the confusion.



That seems to be the case for everybody. They’ll both reduce your completion rate - sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:


All type cancelation effect the completion rate and gig ranking


That seems to be unfair on sellers.

I just had a client send an order that clearly needed to have commercial usage added as an extra but was not prepared to pay for this. The client even came back wanting more words for $5 with complete usage, which is totally unacceptable to me

It seems to be manifestly unfair that my ranking is affected because an unscrupulous client wants to order something that I am not prepared to offer


Double your prices, Gavin - that will filter out most of the “interesting” buyers …


I agree, that’s the best thing you could do. Though higher prices means less jobs, and any cancellation then can still affect your ranking. (on the other hand if you have many jobs, one cancellation won’t have much effect).