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Mutual Cancellation Woes Revisited


Back when I was a Level Two seller, life was good. When I got donked down to a Level 0 because of a completely inaccurate response rating (I responded to at least 99% of messages from potential new clients, including spam, but hey, who’s counting), I said, “Meh.” When Fiverr removed an editing gig because they claimed I was using it to help students (which I have never, ever done), I tried to argue but in the end, said “Meh.” When they denied a new gig with an extremely clever title, I said, “Meh.” When they denied me from posting a buyer’s request for some reason I can’t recall, I said, “Meh.”

When I got “promoted” (still laughing at this one) to a Level One, a client congratulated me and I said, “Thank you and, Meh.”

Friends, I can “Meh” no more. Over the past thirty days I have had at least five students order my gigs to get me to write thesis papers, essays, and research papers. I immediately requested mutual cancellations on every one of them because I am a good little Fiverr. Now I see my cancellation rate is stupidly high. I had posted in my profile that I don’t do this work, but hey, the future doctors and architects of tomorrow can’t read, I suppose. I have recently gone through all of my gigs to specify that I don’t do academic work.

I cannot imagine hiring someone to write my school work papers! These lawyers to-be have hurt my completion rate with their antics.

Ok, one more…“MEH!!!”


Hm. Did you get more of those requests after you edited your gigs to specify that? I’m wondering if they find the gigs that state that they don’t do such work because search terms and then don’t read because they can’t :wink: and just order?

In either case it’s really very Meh! that your rate tanked because of that.

You should be able to contact support shortly before evaluation dates now if a demotion would happen because of certain cancellations dropping your rating below the threshold (I’d think cancellations because people request work that’s against ToS, are the prime example for “certain”).
Apparently CS can’t or won’t “reset” the rating but will manually change your level back then. At least someone posted that they got that info. Worth a try.


I did send a ticket to customer support, so I’ll let you all know what they do, or don’t do. I suspect it’s going to be my fault somehow! I hadn’t thought of sending one before the evaluation period ends, and I will do just that. I’d hate to get dropped to a Level 0 again. It was funny (laughable, more than a real haha) the first time to drop from 2 to 0, but my sense of humor for this stuff is growing short. I’m not sure who runs the show sometimes, but I feel like I have a (conspiracy theory here) target on my back!

I’m lucky I have a relatively steady stream of clients, or this could all really be hurting me badly right now :frowning: I feel for the newer sellers trying to navigate all this nonsense!