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Mutual cancellation wrecks my completion rate

So to describe the situation: I have a gig up where I do sketches of characters in clearly an anime style, it’s $5 for a headshot delivered in 24 hours. I get an order where someone added 2 extra characters and color, but in some sort of art nouveau style and they basically want me to design the characters. This is obviously way outside the scope of what this gig actually offers, so I politely tell him so and he agrees to cancel (he literally only send me ‘ok’, but whatever).
So I go to the resolution center, put in I can’t do the job and he accept it. But now when I go to my analytics my completion rate has gone down to 67% (note that I’ve been on Fiverr for a week and have completed 2 jobs, this was the third).
I feel like I’m being punished for someone ordering way out of the scope of the gig!
He could have send me a message first asking if I could actually do what he wanted, but no, he tried to get it cheap by order through a $5 dollar, 24 hour gig. And now my rating has massively suffered since I’m so new. I get that this is just how the system works, but it feels super unfair right now.

Add “contact me before order” to your gigs description and don’t panic over delivery rate, you completed only few orders and it will raise to 90%+ fast


Is that a standard practice? I’m not even sure if sellers would adhere to that :sweat_smile: I’ll try not to stress about it, but it doesn’t feel nice :disappointed_relieved:

You mean Buyers right ?
Not all would follow your instructions in gig description but many of them wil surely do…so yes try to add that sentence in you your gig.

It’s a fact of life on fiverr unfortunately. A job cancelled is a job cancelled. And it always affects your stats.

It’s a pity the system can’t take into account the reasons for the cancellation and ignore mutual cancellations, particularly when we already specify if a job is outside our ability, needs more time or we can’t agree on a price.

Placing a bold, all caps instruction at the top of your gig asking a potential buyer to contact you first does help on ocassion and avoids unnecessary cancels. Try and see if it helps.


From all the possibilities why did you select this? Why didn’t you select the buyer made mistake when ordering or something?

If you selected that obviously your rating is going to drop.

You CAN do the job, but the buyer selected the wrong package.

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Sorry for your unpleasant experience.

Whenever it happens the next time, make sure you state this reason (see attached) for initiating the cancellation.


Then contact Fiverr CS and let them know the pain you have gone through. Screenshots of the conversation would make up for a strong case in your favor. In some cases, they do restore the statistics.

Secondly, you’ve completed 3 orders so far. Completing 2/3 orders give you percentage of 66.667% which is rounded off to 67% (which is your current order completion rate). If you successfully complete next 7 orders, without any dispute/cancellation, your order completion rate would rise up to 90% - which is also the minimum standard that is to be maintained. It’s not an uphill task, and is very do-able. Just be focused and stay calm. I hope you improve your stats soon, good luck!


Yes it’s something normal and most of sellers do this. And get comfortable with order cancellation because it’s also something normal on fiverr, I personally needed to cancel 7 of 41 orders (all of them were completed in 3/4), although I would work day and night to make them completed some orders just can’t be finished.

For example my last cancellation was that client wanted to implement script on his website (I work in web dev field) and after I spent few hours bug fixing it appears that script was outdated and impossible to implement. I asked him to work on something else so I can be useful but he didn’t wanted that, order canceled and no money for lost time.

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A bit irrelevant, what you choose. They all impact your stats the same.

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Ooops, yes I meant buyers. I’ve added it, hope it will work!

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@marinapomorac Yeah, I wasn’t sure which one to select, as I said I’m very new to the sight. As soon as I send it I realized I should have selected the other option.

@pixperpoint Thanks you for the elaborate comment! Do you think it wouldn’t help to still contact CS even though I selected the other option. My account is 10 days old, it’s clear I’m a beginner at this. The gig was also mutually cancelled in like 5 min from ordering and I would be happy to provide the conversation.
Also, I know it’s only 1 cancellation and the rate would go up quickly, if I get gigs. I’m more concerned that the diminished rate would deter people from ordering…

Cancellation rate is not showed to buyers

@karura_art Hey.

Buyers can’t see what your completion rate is or how many orders you’ve cancelled, those stats are just there for you to see so that you can track them to determine how you should work to raise your fiverr levels.

@michal247 @aprampar Oooooh, I didn’t know that! That’s good to know :slight_smile:

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Put ,Please contact me before placing an order" at the top of your description. Do this for every gig that you have. That offers you a ,layer" of protection and hopefully, it will prevent things like these to happen.

You’re a new seller, things like these happen when you’re ,fresh" but in time, as your prices will go up, these type of buyers will go away.

Yes, your completion rate will drop, even if you have cancelled the order for good reason, kinda sucks, I know but it’s just how things work here. Complete plenty of gigs with 5 stars and your completion rate will go back to 100%. In order to complete the gigs successfully, being a new seller, you may have to do extra work for little money. But this is just at the beginning to get back up with the C.R. As you gain more experience on the platform, you’ll get your prices up and, hopefully, you’ll find quality buyers to work with. Heads up. Good luck.


Yes, I’d still recommend doing that. No harm in trying. Not restoring the order completion rate is the worst that could happen. Just give it a try.