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Mutual cancellation


How does mutual cancellation affect my ratings? does it even change anything? This buyer is giving me lots of trouble by being too inactive… i want to cancel this project. thanks!

p.s bought new spectacles (glasses) after 6 years :smiley:



I think doing the odd one-off mutual cancellation is fine, but doing too many in a short period of time or doing forced cancellations goes against you.


one or two cancellations in short time is okay but a lot of cancellations may affect your level…you may lose your level if you cancel too many orders in short time


I think if the order is cancelled before it is delivered, then it has no affect on your rating, especially if it was the buyer who initiated the cancellation. Otherwise it would be VERY unfair towards the seller. :slight_smile: But a delivered order do indeed affect your ratings if you get lots of cancellations and not enough orders to “cover it up”.


thanks people!


What Bachas85 said :slight_smile:

If you have any other questions about cancellations, be sure to use the forum search function - there are numerous threads on cancellations, how to handle them, their effect etc