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Mutual Cancellation


Hey guys, I’ve been on Fiverr for a few months now, I’m really close to hitting Level 2 and have had a great time in doing so. This morning I received a order which was awesome until I read what the buyer wanted. They requested something that I really don’t do. More of a parody song but with a video with different outfits and what not. My gig is I hated to do it but the request was far beyond my typical gig so I requested a Mutual Cancellation. What my question now is, the buyer has yet to respond and I’m getting a bit nervous. If they don’t accept the cancellation what is my next step?


Thank you for the post. One of 3 things will happen, the buyer will allow the cancellation, the buyer will decline or it will automatic cancel after two days with no response from the buyer. IF the buyer rejects the mutual cancel request you can contact Customer Support and bring them into the dilema, Cross that bridge when it happens. Good luck with your gig(s)


Awesome tips guys, thanks for the advice. I believe that the buyer is on the other side of the planet so I will give it some time before I get too stressed.