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Mutual cancellations affecting seller score

I’ve had a number of situation where a buyer blindly purchases a development service from me without reading my gig description properly or they don’t message me to know fully what they’re actually buying.

I work with the Fivem platform, specifically the QBCore framework, and most recently I had a buyer order some development work for their server that was running the ESX framework, since I don’t work with the ESX framework (as it very clearly says in my gig description, gig title and FAQ) we had to cancel. My question is why on earth am I negatively affected by these mutual cancellations when it’s beyond my control and not my fault??


Don’t sweat it.

Some Buyers don’t read the details.

It happens.

I had a very nice job a few months ago that paid about $200. I finished early, sent it to the Buyer who accused me of copy ‘n’ pasting from other websites (which did NOT happen). I suspect he didn’t want to pay my fee.

Anyway, we both cancelled the order and my Gig very likely suffered from that.

However, my impression and click stats are back to normal and I have forgotten about the incident until now.

Like I said, don’t sweat it.


I’m facing a similar issue, a buyer bought my gig but says he does not have time to provide what’s needed (30 minutes for a zoom call) and has now asked me to cancel.

I have no problem cancelling, it just doesn’t seem fair in principle for it to hit my stats.

I recall reading that if CS cancels the order then stats aren’t hit… anyone know if this is true? Or have another suggestion?

(I have searched the forum, messaged CS and will get over it. I’m more curious than concerned!)

Overall I don’t let it get to me, it’s just generally frustrating that you’re almost being punished for no fault of your own, last time this happened to me it took a good week or two before my impressions and clicks returned to normal. It is what it is.

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I hear that.

You obviously have a good attitude about it.

You’ll get through it.

@looseink got a response back from CS within 3 hours on my cancellation issue. They have cancelled the order, and my completion rate / stats have not been negatively impacted. I can’t tell if it will hit impressions yet but I was impressed by both the speed of response and that I haven’t been penalised. Happy days :slight_smile:

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Unfortunatly yes, I did it some days ago, it has affected order completion rate for me, but nothing critical, I steped up.

Its really not good, I had similar issue with a buyer and I fixed this issue with the help of CS, I would recommend you to contact CS with all proof and explanation, they will fix your completion rate. I know CS response is longer but you have only this way to get resolved your completion rate.

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That is very good news.