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Mutual cancellations and its effect on gigs


Hi all, unfortunately as a new seller i had to cancel an order which was too complex for me. The cancellation was mutual. With a heavy heart I had to do that as I am aware of the implications of it.
But had to cancel. Now, my question to all the pros out there, How much it might affect my account ? Is there any limit on how may cancellation can a seller do mutually? Will fiverr block my account ?I am in a bit of a shock. I have good jobs running in my account with buyer who are regular and give orders from time to time. If my account goes away I’ll be in deep trouble. Its like christmas cam with a lot of bad presents for me :frowning:

Please elaborate anyone on how can I overcome this as new seller.



Your account wouldn’t be banned because of that. It will affect only your “completition rate”