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Mutual cancellations getting out of hand


Lately I have had a few buyers that either do not read my gig, or are trying to use my services for less than I charge. I do offer two related services in one gig, but have been very specific about reading my description AND messaging me first, I’ve even put it in the order requirements. I am going to lose my level soon if this keeps happening. Is there any way to appeal to Fiverr to reverse my “punishment” because of buyer mistakes?


No, there is no such thing exists as of now on Fiverr!!

I will too be demoted soon, no issues in that. Just keep your focus on active orders. Don’t focus on the LEVELS as they come and go, and never stays with you for a very long except when you are having good time dealing with the buyers. :smile: :joy:

Good Luck!!


I had to cancel orders because of incomplete projects I get. I am now used to it and don’t worry much about it.