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Mutual Cancellations Impact

Do Mutual Cancellations impact on gig performance?

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Yes, of course. It will reduce your “Order completion rate.”

I mutually canceled a order last week, since then I have no order yet and no message from buyers.

It mostly impacts new Sellers. I would recommend to be as polite and formal as possible with customers. If they don’t like something, offer them revisions to make work better.

Unfortunately, he ordered without any communication. I was kinda busy and the order wasn’t relevant.

I get it, yes. Less than half of my buyers don’t communicate with me before placing an order. They are rushing on it. However, I made a pretty good system in my requirements when buyers place an order. So if it ever happened that Buyer didn’t communicate with me, he would still need to answer all of the questions in the requirements with required fields. Not always as affective, but does help a lot.


I need to do the same, thanks a lot <3

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