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Mutual Cancellations Shouldn't Count Against Seller Rank [Title Corrected by Moderator]


I’m a Level 2 seller, and the bulk of my orders come from my music box arrangement gig. Sometimes the song that the Buyer requested is not compatible with the music box that they own, and we need to mutually cancel the order. It isn’t anyone’s fault that the song will not be compatible. It’s just a physical limitation that the music boxes have.

Under the new Fiverr Level Review System, these legitimate mutual cancelations will reduce my overall completion rate to under 90% which might lead to my account being demoted. The new ranking system shouldn’t penalize Sellers for things that are out of their control, especially when the Buyer and Seller both agree on a resolution.

I think this must have been an oversight or bug when creating the new Fiverr ranking system, because I don’t think Mutual Cancellations were supposed to count against a Seller’s rank.

Thank you for your help!


I think this is quite a problem if it effects Fiverr sellers especially your Top Ranked Sellers who may have had an almost perfect history and get demoted for a month where you had several cancellations. If this goes through it could create a hostile environment for the Sellers.

I do not think Fiverr’s decision makers have thought all of this through. They probably have great intentions but the execution could do more harm than good.

Many customers DO order before actually reading the gig description or seeing what is not an option. Here are examples that could cause an unintended effect and is not the fault of the seller.

Reading their “how to deal with cancellations” post shows that they have not thought through the details.
Because that did not encompass half the scenarios where an order is needing to be cancelled.

I do editing work for a Top Seller and many orders have to be cancelled because it is something the seller can and will not do.

Here are examples

  1. False Testemonials - Fiverr has taken a good stand against video spokespeople doing “false” and “fake” testimonials. There are still many people who order gigs without consulting the seller with wanting a “false testimonial” done. However the seller does not do that and has to cancel despite trying to get the buyer to change their script. So in order to stay honest the order has to be cancelled.

  2. Videos not offered - On my seller’s page you will see a long list of things that they will not do very clearly stated and up front and yet buyers will not read that and will place an order without asking. For example it is plainly posted that sexual videos, dating videos, drug related videos, political videos, pirate sites,weight loss, illegal activity, scams etc are not videos done by the seller and yet each week a few come in asking to do videos related to subject matter the seller is not comfortable with along with possible scams and thus need to be cancelled.

  3. Average Cancellations - the customer has buyers remorse and wants to cancel for whatever reason a buyer wants to cancel.

  4. Technical difficulty - There are times where possibly there is a glitch in the system or a user error on the buyers part where for example they do not see the order go through and will order the same gig several times thus creating several orders. Then they find out they put 3 orders in but only need the one. The other 2 need to be cancelled. I don’t trust Fiverr Support to fix the error in favor of the seller. I remember we had a glitch one time and orders were not appearing in our queue and when it finally did it showed it was late. We contacted support, they acknowledged and fixed the glitch but the stats still counted against us. Instead of our 100% On time it was down to 98%. Not low but still…when you have prided yourself on good stats and it wasn’t your fault that is a problem in my book. They said they couldn’t adjust that despite it being their fault.

Those are just a few reasons why cancellations are required and at no fault of the buyer.


To be clear, I’m just a buyer and seller, not Fiverr staff. I can only comment based on experience. You had me on some of your arguments and I might agree with some of your points, but the part I quoted above is where you lost me. I do understand your theory and it makes sense the way you described it, but legally it just isn’t like to hold any water. Fiverr is a platform where you own your own business and they give you a place to sell your product - totally free unless you sell something. All you pay is a commission, so you aren’t an employee. It may impact your ratings and your levels if you have to cancel an order, but you absolutely have the right to walk away from any order.

If the buyer declines a cancellation and you have a personal issue with the order, Customer Support will step in and cancel the order. Yes, it has an impact on you, but you aren’t forced. Since you are a business owner and not an employee, I don’t see that system as a setup for any kind of hostile workplace or anything similar.

Buyers have always been able to place orders and send messages that might violate the rules and that includes harassing messages. If those are reported, Fiverr can deal with that account and ban it if necessary. They take action now and they still will after the change. I’m not in favor of everything about the upcoming change and would like to see the requirements lightened up a little bit, even though I will be glad to see bad accounts demoted. I don’t think I can agree with your argument on this part, though.


Mind you, I’m for a more flexible cancellation policy. I could see Fiverr tinkering with it and other things after a housecleaning sweep.

I see your points too and they have validity. From a business standpoint, though, the PR concerns might fall through.

Fiverr doesn’t shy away from controversy in their own ads in spite of conservative internal rules. Their ads have shown videos and stills about cannabis, sex, swear words, working all nIght and day on a pure caffeine diet, etc. So far the ads have been discussed unfavorably in the media but they ultimately drove traffic here,

The Pewdiepie scandal was a mess, some sellers were banned and PDP lost money. After that my friends all knew about Fiverr, but not before. New visitors came to see the train wreck and many stayed on FIverr.

I am not sure Fiverr will be negatively affected by bad publicity. If they are, they’ll adjust. They do have too many sellers competing. I don’t know if the changes will do what they hope for, but I think we’re going to find out when it happens.


Totally agree. Counting mutual cancellation is an absurd.

Yesterday I had a buyer who cancelled the order:

  1. Did not read the description where is stated in capital letters to contact me before ordering to work out the details of the order.
  2. She did not check my work examples (samples) and ordered something I do not offer in my gig.

So she cancelled the order and I had to agree because she wanted something I do not offer in my gig. My cancellation level is now below 90%. This kind of situation is frequent in the creative industry and someone who does not work in that kind of area simply creates rules but don’t take all different and unknown for him areas under consideration.

I send a message yesterday to the CS and of course I got pre-prepared copy & Paste replay:

Thank you for getting in touch with us. As mentioned in the video notification, we are working on improving the Level system. The evaluation date as mentioned is January 15th, so you do have time to work on improving your account.

Here are some tips on what you need to keep an eye on:

Deliver all orders on time! If you recognize that an order requires more work than originally planned, make sure to extend the delivery time of the order through the resolution located on the order page. Don’t try to skirt the system and deliver unfinished work as this is against Fiverr Terms of Service and will affect your level.
If you receive many messages, you can always set a quick-response auto-reply to help you manage your inbox.
We take our Terms of Service very seriously. If you violate our TOS, it will affect your eligibility for promotion. Make sure you familiarize yourself with these rules and abide by them in your day-to-day Fiverr interactions.
If you are struggling to manage incoming orders and deliver them on time, consider using the limit orders in queue feature. This allows you to set a limit on the amount of orders you can handle, so you can make sure you provide outstanding service and delivery.

Also, check out the Need to Know article at

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Kind regards