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Mutual Cancellations - What To Do?


Well, I think I might cry. I am at 31 cancellations - soon to be 33 - on my book trailer gig.

ALL of them are because people either ignore the description or think it doesn’t apply to them. Almost all of them are buyers that wanted trailers for romance/erotica/etc. I don’t know how much clearer I can be about not representing those genres.

I’ve been demoted a level before because of excess cancellations, and I don’t want to go there again! It just doesn’t seem fair for these to count against me, since: 1) it’s not my fault the buyer didn’t follow the rules; 2) the buyer didn’t contact me before ordering; and 3) I have 100% rating on all orders I’ve completed (from buyers that followed the rules).

What is there to do? Is there a fix coming for this? There should be!


As long as you don’t hit a cancellation rate of 20% you will be fine.


See, that’s kind of the point. I should have any kind of percentage rate, since the cancellations weren’t my fault.