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Mutual Pause or Extension of an Order


Sometimes an order can take much longer than anticipated and a buyer is willing to wait. Why not have an option that allows for both buyer and seller to pause or extend an order for an agreed period of time? I think that feature would be quite useful in my line of work as well as others. It could be something like a request that’s sent from the gig extras section by a seller and the buyer can accept or reject it.


This has been asked hundreds if not thousands times here. I haven’t lose the hope and expecting fiverr will implement this one day.


Yeah…I was thinking so…It would be a great benefit both for buyer & seller…


I was just thinking about this feature when I saw this post, because the other day a buyer of my singing gig decided to change a part of the song and offered to extend the deadline because it will take him some time to do it, but I don’t have a way of accepting that offer.

What I think should be implemented is an “extend deadline” button on the buyer’s side, this way buyers that are not in any hurry can make sure things aren’t rushed.


Great. Then the more we talk about it, the more likely it is to be introduced.


I was JUST about to create a new topic about this! Good thing I did a little search first. YES, YES and one thousand more YES’S! This needs to happen like yesterday! I can’t tell you how many times I have wished for something like this. A few of my clients aren’t really sure what they want before they place their order and sometimes need to request changes or something just comes up and I need a little extra time.

My biggest reason for sometimes needing to request extra time is when I get a surge of orders in queue! I have a gig that I usually deliver within 24 hours, however if I get more than 10 orders that day, each client still gets a 24 hour timeline, I wish we could have that extend a little based on how far you are in the queue. ORRR we could just have a simple new feature of requesting a delivery extension that the buyer can either accept or decline.

This would make my selling life so much easier and hassle free.


I’m starting to have a hard time with this too. I hope a feature like this would get implemented some day. It feels like a rip-off sending buyers gig extras for a time extension (getting a buyer to pay for an increase of deadlines is not a good ideal of what a marketplace should be).


Why wouldn’t this be a feature yet?! Only makes sense to allow the two parties to mutually pause an order…