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Mutual time extension


I made a large order , and its taking time to finish I respect that.

Now why cant I select an option “Give seller x more days.” ?

Instead i’m told I can cancel the order (which I don’t want to)

Does request modification give the seller more time ?

How do I protect myself and yet also ensure the seller isn’t penalised by fiver ?


If you’re the buyer, you can usually trust that the seller is doing everything they can to avoid running out of time. You can touch base with the seller by sending a message and checking in with them. If they need more time and you trust them, you could agree to let them deliver a partial order, which will satisfy the time requirements, and then ask them to re-deliver as soon as all the work is completed.

Thanks for being such a thoughtful buyer!


This is a feature I’d really like to see as well rather than just a considerate buyer having to completely trust the seller or have the sale run 'late.'

Does anyone know how orders being ‘late’ (assuming this is okay with the buyer) influences your gig visibility? If you trust the seller, @amandygran idea is a great one, or split the order between several gigs ordered over a staggered time frame.


Yes I took amandygran’s advice , and I really appreciate the time people took to respond to this discussion.

And my seller even sent me work in progress which I must admit is pretty cool work thus far.

I will just say its really nice to see that people are being supportive.