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Mutually Cancellation



Is there any way to cancel a completed order…
one of my order has automatically completed after 3 days…
After that buyer has left a negative feedback…
So I need to cancel the order mutually.
There is not the “mutual cancel” option now…

What can I do for this…?
Thank you


Cancelling the order mutually won’t remove the negative feedback. You can try and ask the buyer to change the feedback


Mutual Cancel Option available on while order start until order completes. After order delivered seller doesn’t have option to cancel order. I think you contact Fiverr contact support for more.


Don’t cancel the order now. You will lost money and feedback stay forever


If i am not satisfied with the work of any creator and it was cancelled by mutual consent do i the buyer get back my money?


Yes, the funds will be refunded in form of Fiverr credit minus the processing fee.


ok good i saw 5 bucks in the account now


No, you don’t need to cancel the order.This is bad behaviour by sellers.
And you have enough reviews to weather a bad one. If the review wasn’t justified try to contact the seller and ask them what you can do to fix whatever problem he had. Only do this once so it’s not spam. Reply to the review giving your side. Be professional. Other buyers will read it.
I couldn’t find a bad review except the latest strange review with 5 stars but ‘unacceptable experience’? I mean on that one, it’s got 5 stars so everyone’s going to assume ‘unacceptable’ is a typo.


Actually it was 1 star review…I asked from buyer to change it to 5 stars…
So I got help from CS and canceled the order.That’s why he changed it to 5 stars…
But he didn’t change the comment.That’s the reason…

Anyway thank you so much for your reply…


Hi…thanks for the reply…
Buyer changed the review and CS has cancelled the order…


I contacted the CS and did it…



I contacted the CS and the cancelled the order…Buyer has changed the review.

Thank you


That is great.