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Mutually cancelled It wasn't my fault But ratings dropped!

So now my rating is 0% (NEW SELLER) got my first order after buyer accepted said to complete in 2 hours. But was kind about it and agreed to cancel since I didn;'t know but I lost my order completion…


Dang. That sucks really bad. just try increasing credibility, adding more examples to your portfolio, and basically making your profile more professional.

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And i guess now you won’t be able to send buyer request either .

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Yeah well. I’ve lost all hope now. I was optimistic on my career on fiverr. But I didn’t even do anything.
Can’t even see my gigs

Well i have not more knowledge about it as i am also new here and do not want to misled you by giving any advise about things i do not know but as long as i know you could have contacted CS staff and tell them your story and i have read on many topics where they have cancelled orders without affecting stats of sellers.Maybe you can still contact CS staff and tell them yourr story and show them screenshots of incident and they might help you but i am not sure about it . Still there are many experts here who are here from long time and hopefully they can guide you better.

Don’t worry about your ratings. Just see what happens.

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I did contact CS waiting for a response. It’s not fair to sellers. Plus my gigs were just getting hits and now you can’t even find them.

I only had one day also

Good luck on your career!

Order Completion 0%
Unable to see gigs
Buyer Requests nope.
Affected alot.

Sorry just ranting. Just waiting for response from CS staff else no more Fiverr

Quick Question? I’m shown a -$8 on my cancelled order does that mean I owe it to fiverr or something?

It means that before you were going to get $8 from the order but now you are not. No you don’t owe it to fiverr. You never got it.


Your gigs can be found, so don’t be desperate (at least I managed to find them in less than 10 seconds).
You will face different types of the customers here. So, try to discuss all the conditions before starting the work.
If he didn’t mention “2 hours” before placing the order, you had 24 hours to complete it. Next time, try to offer the buyer future discounts or something like that, but don’t cancel the order. From my experience, you can solve 99% of issues by communicating with the buyer.


Thank you for your help

I did communicate we tried to solve it and I wasted my 2 hours trying to complete it if I didn’t do it in the 2 hours I was going to get a bad review and that stays looked up Fiverr TOS.

I’m not desperate I’m upset because I wasn’t in the wrong but my rating still dropped unfair right?

Anyways thank you for your advice I’ll keep it in mind.

My gigs have appeared again but I checked and a couple of fellow people and they weren’t Thanks for the good news :slight_smile:

At least with the bad review you could have explained yourself and the situation.

I offered the buyer 24 hour delivery for my service, after the order began the buyer then told me that 24 hours is unacceptable and wanted it in 2 hours instead. All though my work met their standards in terms of quality, the review I received was based solely on the delivery time.


This can happen to anyone of us , I just ran into an extremely rude buyer and I had to cancel an order even though he received much more than he actually paid for ( 15$ that is… ) but that’s not important , I don’t argue with anyone , I believe that is a buyer is serious he will work with you and solve any kind of issue however… what I don’t understand is how can someone be so rude for 15$ … Saying that the likes my work and after an hour after requesting revisions that were delivered according to what he said … he started to become rude and call me names , tells me that I need to change my job and other silly insults … I mean c’mon what kind of lack of education must you have to act like this… Simply ask for a refund and i’ll refund , I am not arguing with anyone even if I am right… After viewing his profile most sellers were complaining about his attitude as well …


I feel sorry you had to face that it’s unfair.

Just a little while ago someone messaged me and said
So how do you do this shit? I blocked and reported but all I am thinking is Why?


I’m not going to argue. Everyone has their own opinions.
BUT No one would have clicked on gigs given a bad review to see my explanation? as I’m new. If I had 3 orders 1 bad review maybe it wouldn’t matter that much.
Thank you I’ll think about that as well :slight_smile:

lovely isn’t it ? Well most of my buyers are really great to work with but then there are a few… that have nothing in common with Fiverr . These kind of rude buyers should be banned without warning … You don’t need a new rule in the TOS for that , it’s only about common sense , please be polite with me that’s all , unfortunately not all of them are capable of professional conversations


Pretty much 99% of my experience was bad.

I hope people understand and buyers like them don’t come our way.

I wasn’t trying to argue, just sharing my opinion on an open forum.

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