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Mutually cancelled orders should not effect order completion rate

Fiverr should consider it. What’s your thinking, please comment.


Obviously. But this is Fiverr, we have to play by their rules, it’s silly but what can you do about it?


Most of the cancelations are mutual. If you take those out, there won’t be much left to base the stats on.

Yes, “mutual” is a bit of a deceiving title. Yes, most of the “mutual” cancelations I initiate are more of a “how about you take your money and leave me alone for my sanity’s sake” variety so I wouldn’t really call them “mutual” personally. But I’ll be fine with those that are 100% not my fault gone from my stats (ordered by mistake, unresponsive buyer, etc.)


Ordered by mistake is a buyers fault so why sellers take that responsibility?

They shouldn’t. I never said they should in my original comment.

I never said sellers should take responsibility for ordered by mistake or unresponsive buyer cancelations. But not all mutual cancelations are the buyer’s fault. Hence, I don’t think we as sellers should be absolved of all the responsibility in case of each and every mutual cancelation (which your post topic seems to imply).

Mutual doesn’t automatically mean the one where the seller is innocent and the buyer is guilty. Most of the time it means that people involved don’t want to work with each other (in my experience).

The problem with cancellations is that Fiverr itself is now broken.

My latest soon to be cancellation:

"Please cancel our order"

My response:


I’d love to help. Sadly, since you offer crypto related services on Fiverr, you will have to contact customer services to have this canceled. This way, they can make sure you are not purposefully attempting to sabotage other sellers gigs.

I hope that this helps.

Kind Regards,


Situations like this, buyers ordering without meaning to (however that happens), and buyers placing orders for services which sellers do not provide, are not cancellations.

A cancellation occurs when an order is placed and a seller either can’t deliver, doesn’t deliver, or deliverers something wildly different to what a buyer is expecting. Anything which falls into the former category should be treated as a buyer error and should not affect sellers in any way.

As for putting this into practice, it would be mind-bogglingly easy. Keep the cancellation system as it is. Then add a buyer side resolution center (exclusive to buyers) which gives buyers the option of canceling because they have just realized they have ordered something they didn’t mean to.

Cancellations instigated by sellers would all still count against ratings. Cancellations instigated by buyers would not count against seller ratings.

As for how difficult this would be in practice to implement… Oh, I don’t know… Maybe buyers could have a green box pop up after ordering saying something like: "We’ve decided to give you a few more order options. From now on…"

Of course, that would still probably be too difficult.


I thought about this solution as well. But it’s just too reasonable, isn’t it?

A lot of buyers who order by mistake are polite and very apologetic about it after the fact and they do ask what they can do to fix the situation. And I have to be all dramatic every time and tell them: “There is nothing you can do to help me.”


Far too simple. If anything like this does ever make it past RnD, Fiverr will likely stipulate that sellers will first have to juggle three live hand grenades, before being allowed to take advantage of the feature. - Just because.

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Buyer error, scam orders, unreasonable buyer demands not paid for or offered in Gig Description. These are just a few reasons Cancellations should not count against Seller’s Completion Rate

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Exactly… … …

Hey Fiverr - are you guys reading this?

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There’s been thousands of similar threads and yet here we are.

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