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"Mutually cancelled" please help

In short, I am new, I have 4 completed orders Reviews as Seller 4.8(4)
Recently I received an order and it did exactly what my gig says but the buyer asked me for a WordPress plugin I could not provide… my questions are:
- How to Mutually cancel the order?
- If we mutually cancel it will that affect my profile? my reviews? Will I be able to send offers to people?
I tried to find the answer but everyone says different things, and I did not find a clear and convincing answer!!!

Please help


Yes, cancellation negatively impacts the completion rate of your profile and hinders the visibility of your gig for a period of time, even if mutually cancelled.

You may try to contact customer service and have them attempt to cancel the order without negatively affecting your account, but it seems this is a case where you were unable to deliver what the buyer expected, so CS might not intervene.

As for how to request a cancellation:


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It’s complex lol
Thank you very much for making things clear for me <3

A mutual agreement to cancel will NOT affect your rate. I have done it before, twice!

You first ask the buyer is he would agree to mutually cancel the order. If he agrees, you go to the resolution button in the order. Select it and select cancel the order, mutually. The buyer will then cancel the order and you will both be free of any hassle.

This may affect your rating but for only a limited amount of time. I think 30 to 60 days but then it will fall away.


I’ve only had to cancel one order my entire time on Fiverr (knock on wood) but I am pretty darn sure that mutual cancellations still harm the seller and only a CS-assisted cancellation can fully avoid the negative effects.

Of course, I am primarily going off of what I’ve read from other sellers, so I’ll happily stand corrected if mistaken.


Thank you for sharing your experience with me.
Being a new seller 30-60 days is way too long for me!
Fortunately, I was able to complete the order as required And the buyer was very satisfied.

Very good! I am glad to here that.


I hope to follow in your footsteps haha, thank you very much for the response, the order has been delivered and everyone is happy
Thanks you once again <3