Mutually Order Cancellation


If buyer without notifying you to place an order and asked you to do outside of gig service and you are not skillful to do this perfectly.And after that buyer wants to cancel the order so you cancel it mutually will this order cancellation effect your gig or to get the order in future?


I read on a post that it affects your positioning on the search results.


Don’t you think it’s Injustice towards to seller ??


If the buyer and you clearly write this in a reason for cancellation and your order chat also represents this then this will be a good cancellation and will not effect your profile . Moreover the fiverr team will decide it whether it is good cancellation or bad , Bad will effect your profile .


Several thousand orders are placed everyday on Fiverr. Hence, they have to make everything automated.

They are much more experienced and prudent than most sellers here. They have done it keeping into consideration their past experiences. If you have a better resolution to this, feel free to share it.


@rankinfinite @tariq_manon

There was a lot of cases like this when the cancellation was done but not at the fault of the seller like the buyer purchased the gig and ask for the work the seller don’t even do or the buyer purchased the gig and ask for the work which is a lot more than the scope of the gig so in this case even the seller had not fault but cancellation effected the seller .

So the Fiverr team had confirmed this that there are two types of cancellation one is bad and other is good , bad cancellation will effect your profile but the good cancellation will have no effect on your profile and what is bad and what is good this will be decided by the fiverr team on the basis of circumstances or the reasons of cancellation.


But how can they detect this which one is good and which one is bad? Even sometimes(happens to one of my friends) mistakenly place an order then requesting to cancel the order.Fiverr really need to do something about the auto order.


On the bases of circumstances , Your chat with your buyer and the reasons mentioned in cancellation.


Thanks for taking your time makes it clear…Really helpful :slight_smile: