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My 1 gig does not appear in the search. But I have told fiverr

I can’t find 1 out of 3 gigs in my account by searching. That’s why I told Fiverr. Now I’m afraid of how Fiverr will react. Could this be a bad reaction to my account?

please help me

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Please search before you post. This has been covered thousands of times before. Remember, the way search “ranking” is shown is different for everyone. You don’t need to open a ticket with CS for this.

But I have already informed Fiverr about it

you can contact to Fiverr support.

@graphics_xpert8 Did you read the previous posts!

What posts are you talking about?

My reply was to @graphics_xpert8

To make the gig appear on the search page depends on the kind of keywords that a seller uses.
There is no such need to report this issue to the cs since it’s not their thing to handle.

However, it’s not really confirmed whether or not the team is going to respond, but even if they do, I don’t think their reaction would have a bad impression on your profile.

I would like to recommend you read other topics before posting yours. There are like hundreds of similar topics created previously, and they even pop on the screen in suggested posts.

Thank you so much :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: